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PICM — Physics of the Intra-Cluster Medium
03 Apr 2017 - 07 Apr 2017
Beijing, China
The Intra Cluster Medium (ICM) constitutes the largest baryonic component of galaxy clusters. It is affected by gravitational and non-gravitational processes due to the interaction with the cluster galaxy population. It is now widely recognized that the cluster environment plays a fundamental role in determining the evolution of its galaxy population. In turn, feedback in cluster cores offer the unique opportunity to understand the interactions between star formation events and nuclear activity within the surrounding medium.

Theoretical models and numerical simulations have been developed in order to capture the complexity of this interaction and to understand when, where, and how feedback takes place. At the same time the ICM is an important diagnostic of the dynamics of the cluster itself, and an exhaustive understanding of its properties is crucial for a full understanding of the growth of cosmic structures at large, and the measurement of cosmological parameters. This workshop will focus on the physics of the ICM and its relation with the different mass components of galaxy clusters. The aim is to provide an overview of the many exciting recent results at vastly different wavelengths (Radio, SZ, sub-mm, IR, optical, X-ray, gamma-ray) and use them to challenge theoretical models and advanced numerical simulations.

Heng Yu;     Email:
galaxy cluster, AGN, intra-cluster medium, bulk motion, hydrodynamical simulation, high-z protocluster, cosmology
SIMUTOOLS 2017 — 10th EAI International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques
11 Sep 2017 - 13 Sep 2017
Shenzhen, China
SIMUTools 2017 is the 10th edition of the annual International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques. The conference focuses on a broad range of research challenges in the field of simulation, modeling and analysis, addressing current and future trends in simulation techniques, models, practices and software. The conference is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary collaborative research in these areas and across a wide spectrum of application domains.
Simulation methods: discrete event, parallel and distributed simulation, time synchronization, load balancing and migration, model partitioning, hybrid simulation, simulation-interoperation, multi-resolution and multi-scale simulation Simulation techniques: service-oriented, agent-based, web-based, component-based, symbiotic simulation Simulation software: environments, tools, libraries, and frameworks Simulation performance: GPU-based simulation, simulation in the cloud, scalability, performance analysis Modeling formalisms: DEVS, Petri Nets, process algebras, state charts, and others Simulation verification, validation, accreditation, and analysis: benchmark models, simulation-based verification, workflows, simulation experiment design, and optimization Simulation packages:widely used frameworks such as Modelica, ns-2/3, OPNET, Qualnet, OMNET++, and other open source software for modeling and simulation
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