Aims and Scope

With the advent of the Open Science Movement, data sharing - defined as the publication and accessibility of the primary data and any supporting materials required to interpret and re-use those data  -  has become an increasingly important aspect of good scientific practice in psychology, but also in many other disciplines. 

Despite the obvious importance of data sharing for more transparent and efficient research in psychology, it is still not common practice. The reason for this may be largely seen in an underspecification of the process. That is, for most of the researchers it is not clear to what extent and how they should share their data. Against this background, it is more important than ever that we develop common standards on how to provide the raw diamonds of our research, not only considering the formal requirements of funders and infrastructure providers, but also the content-specific requirements of the researchers and the methods that they use. 

The project PsyCuraDat aims at the development of a user-oriented documentation standard considering the different requirements of researchers in their role as contributors and users of research data. In this way researchers shall not only be enabled to document their data in a more effective and efficient way, but also to provide them in a more comprehensible and thus reusable manner.

For further details, have a look at the PsyCuraDat project description.

At CSPD2020  the preliminary results of the project shall be discussed in the broad context of best practices and new developments targeted at data curation and quality assurance mechanisms in psychology.

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