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#AMLI2020 — Approaches to Migration, Language & Identity 2021
09. Jun 2021 - 11. Jun 2021 • University of Sussex/Online, Überall (Virtuelle Veranstaltung)
This is the third edition in the 'Approaches to Migration, Language & Identity' conference series. It is organised by Charlotte Taylor and Stuart Dunmore at the University of Sussex and will be held ONLINE. We welcome papers addressing any aspect of the intersection between migration, language and identity whether focussed on migration discourses, language practices, legal policy or the ideologies embedded and revealed within them. We also welcome reflexive work which challenges and advances how we investigate these topics, and work which highlights potential impact and proposes methods for stakeholder involvement. The conference is conceived as an interdisciplinary event and we warmly invite abstract submissions for papers addressing language and identity in relation to migration from colleagues across a range of disciplines including, but not limited to: education, intercultural communication, law, literary studies, linguistics, geography, history, memory studies, migration studies, psychology, sociology, translation studies. We also warmly welcome contributions from colleagues working outside academia.
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CLIC Conference — After COVID: Language, Diversity, and Social Justice
18. Jun 2021 - 19. Jun 2021 • Texas (Online), Überall (Virtuelle Veranstaltung)
Rice University, Houston,
The Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication at Rice University invites you to submit a proposal to 6th CLIC (Online) Conference “After COVID: Language, Diversity, and Social Justice.” The 6th CLIC Conference invites researchers and practitioners to reflect on experiences and consequences of the health crisis caused by a world-wide pandemic and its effects on issues of social justice and diversity in the teaching of second languages and multilingualism in general. Through the lens of language analysis, we seek to understand (a) the renewed interest in multilingualism and second language learning in an increasingly multimodal communication environment (e.g., new media and technology) and, in turn, (b) how this new perspective on language/multilingualism can have an effect on second language learning and teaching practices.
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Discriminaging COMET 2021 — Discriminaging. Discourses of health discrimination based on age
28. Jun 2021 - 30. Jun 2021 • Como / Online, Überall (Virtuelle Veranstaltung)
The COMET conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds involving various healthcare specialties and the human and social sciences. A special emphasis is on the dissemination of ongoing research in language/discourse/communication studies in relation to healthcare education, patient participation and professional ethics.

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