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DEBCARB 2020 in 2022 — Debrecen Colloquium on Carbohydrates 2020 in 2022 Rezső Bognár Memorial Conference on Glycomimetics
24. Aug 2022 - 27. Aug 2022 • Debrecen, Ungarn
Univeristy of Debrecen, Hungary
The upcoming „Debrecen Colloquium on Carbohydrates 2020 in 2022” (DEBCARB2020/22) is one of the first in person scientific events in the glycoscience field after the COVID-19 pandemic.The first colloquium in 2015 as the „András Lipták Memorial Conference” was attended by approx. 100 participants among them more than 40 foreign guests. This time the conference has also been entitled to be part of the Debrecen University Symposia series.The conference will also host the 2nd Meeting of the COST ACTION 18132 GLYCOnanoPROBES „Functional Glyconanomaterials for the Development of Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutic Probes”. As it transpires from the name of the conference, this meeting was intended to be organized in 2020 as the „Rezső Bognár Memorial Conference on Glycomimetics” on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Professor Bognár’s (1913-1990) decease. He was a student of Géza Zemplén and became an internationally renowned organic and carbohydrate chemist. He founded carbohydrate chemistry in Debrecen, was member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, rector of the University of Debrecen (UD) and head of the Department of Organic Chemistry.Along with the thematics of the COST Action the conference will be focused on glycomimetics which are at the forefront of current international research. Several drugs have already been approved with glycomimetic active ingredients and, in the near future, their widespread applications can be foreseen, thereby facilitating to achieve new therapeutics with up-to-now unknown targets and mechanism of action.Beyond reminiscence and discussing cutting edge research topics, our meeting, like any other conference, aims at making aquaintances, exchanging ideas, and visiting new places. We sincerely hope that the blend of foreign scientists from Europe and other continents and the members of the Hungarian carbohydrate community, as well as the atmosphere of the University and the City of Debrecen with the aid of our generous sponsors will provide all of you with an enjoyable and memorable stay in Hungary.
Event secretariat;     Tel.: [+36303145594];     Email: debcarb@unideb.hu
carbohydrate chemistry, synthesis, glycosciences, glycomimetics

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