Konferenzen zum Thema Komplexe Netzwerke in Portugal

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COMPLEX NETWORKS 2019 — The 8th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications
10. Dez 2019 - 12. Dez 2019 • Lissabon, Portugal
The International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications aims at bringing together researchers from different scientific communities working on areas related to networks. Two types of contributions are welcome: theoretical developments arising from practical problems, and case studies where methodologies are applied. Both contributions are aimed at stimulating the interaction between theoreticians and practitioners.
Tel.: [+33698792992];     Email: hocine.cherifi@gmail.com
Models of Complex Networks, Structural Network Properties and Analysis, Complex Networks and Epidemics, Community Structure in Networks, Community Discovery in Complex Networks, Motif Discovery in Complex Networks, Network Mining, Network embedding methods, Machine learning with graphs, Dynamics and Evolution Patterns of Complex Networks, Link Prediction, Multilayer Networks, Network Controllability, Synchronization in Networks, Visual Representation of Complex Networks, Large-scale Graph Analytics, Social Reputation, Influence, and Trust, Information Spreading in Social Media, Rumour and Viral Marketing in Social Networks, Recommendation Systems and Complex Networks, Financial and Economic Networks, Complex Networks and Mobility, Biological and Technological Networks, Mobile call Networks, Bioinformatics and Earth Sciences Applications, Resilience and Robustness of Complex Networks, Complex Networks for Physical Infrastructures, Complex Networks, Smart Cities and Smart Grids, Political networks, Supply chain networks, Complex networks and information systems, Complex networks and CPS/IoT, Graph signal processing, Cognitive Network Science, Network Medicine, Network Neuroscience, Quantifying success through network analysis o Temporal and spatial networks
PSCC 2020 — XXI Power Systems Computation Conference
29. Jun 2020 - 03. Jul 2020 • Porto, Portugal
The Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC) has become one of the most outstanding events in the area. With a change of pace from meeting every 3 years to every two, PSCC provides a truly international forum for the regular exchange of knowledge and experience on the latest developments in this area. PSCC addresses theoretical developments andcomputational aspects with respect to power system applications from micro-grids to mega-grids. There is an emphasis on modelling and simulation for understanding a system of components, plants, or actors, the interactions between them and their collective behaviour, and methods to inform decision-making in power systems. Contributions might comment on the analytical techniques, modelling challenges, and complex software engineering issues, or what the analyses say with respect to today’s and the future’s power system challenges. Thus, papers from utility and manufacturing industry engineers are just as welcome as those from academic researchers.

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