Aims and Scope

Research Synthesis

Research synthesis techniques such as systematic reviews and meta-analyses have become standard methods for aggregating the results from thematically related research in psychology. They can be used to describe the state of the art in a research field, to test and/or compare theories, and to derive conclusions about the effectiveness of interventions.

The overall aim of this conference is to address hotspot topics in all subfields of psychology and related areas with the aid of research synthesis methods. For details, please see Research Synthesis.


Big Data

Big data have become ubiquitous in many behavioral research domains and with it, there is an ongoing development of analytical approaches (e.g., machine learning, text mining). We invite researchers to present their work on big data and/or approaches that can enhance understanding of psychological and social phenomena.

The overall aim of this conference is to address methods and applications using Big Data in psychology. For details, please see Big Data.


MASEM Workshop

Suzanne Jak presents shiny app for MASEM


Publication opportunities

We would like to point conference participants to the Hotspots in Psychology - 2022 Edition. People interested are asked to submit a manuscript to this topical Issue of the Zeitschrift für Psychologie. 


Review: Big Data and Research Synthesis 2019 and 2018
Keynote talks available as video
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