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GECT 2020 — International Conference on Gene Editing and CRISPR Technologies
27 mar 2020 - 29 mar 2020 • Xi'an, Chine
International Conference on Gene Editing and CRISPR Technologies (GECT 2020) will be held from March 27 to 29, 2020 in Xi'an, China. This Conference will cover issues on Gene Editing and CRISPR Technologies. The aim for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their latest research results and advanced research methods.
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Biomedicine Cas Genes and CRISPR Subtypes Clinical Application of Gene Editing CRISPR Biology CRISPR Systems and CRISPR Technologies CRISPR-Associated Systems Delivery and specificity of CRISPR-based tools Different Gene Delivery Systems Disease Models Effective Delivery for Genes in Vitro Gene Drive Gene Editing Technology and Gene Editing Efficiency Gene Editing-Based Safety and Ethics Gene Function Gene Knock In and Genomic Screening Gene Therapy Genetic Vaccines Genetics and Genomic Medicine Genome Editing and Genome Regulation Genome Engineering and DNA repair In Situ Gene Editing In Vitro Genetic Depletion In Vivo Gene Editing Locus Structure Molecular Epigenetics Nano-Therapy Off-Target Effects Optimizing Repair of CRISPR-Generated DNA Breaks Programmable Gene Expression Regulatory, Safety Aspects of Cell and Gene Therapy Repeated Sequences RNA Editing Technology RNA Guided Nuclease for Genome Modifications RNAi and Gene Therapy RNAi based Screening Technologies Single Base Editing Spacer Acquisition, Biogenesis, and Interference Targeted Gene Replacement Vectors for Gene Therapy Viral Gene Therapy
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Gordon Research Conference — Single-Cell Genomics
17 mai 2020 - 22 mai 2020 • Hong Kong, Chine
Cells are the fundamental unit of life. Recently, tremendous technical developments have made it possible to characterize individual cells from different tissue environments at the genomic level. Single-cell genomic techniques include measuring single-cell genomes, transcriptomes, methylomes, 3D genome structures, chromosome accessibility, cell lineages, and single-cell proteomes. Next-generation sequencing, microfluidic techniques, and super-resolution microscopy have spurred the development, and important new knowledge derived from these single-cell genomic techniques have been continuing to emerge. The burgeoning use of single-cell genomics to elucidate biological problems is a highly multidisciplinary effort. As single-cell genomic techniques continue to evolve with higher precision and sophistication, new observations are broadening our understanding of molecular and cellular biology, which has started to have direct impact to medicine. This conference seeks to bring together top experts in molecular and cellular biology with innovators in genomic technologies and computational biologists. The intention is to better promote the use of single-cell genomics to generate biological knowledge and to better orient the development and application of single-cell genomics for compelling biomedical problems.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Genomic Instability
01 aou 2020 - 02 aou 2020 • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chine
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Gordon Research Conference — Genomic Instability
02 aou 2020 - 07 aou 2020 • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chine
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