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Nuclear Data - The Original Big Data Challenge
25 fév 2021 • Online, Royaume-Uni
Organised by IoP West Midlands Branch (Keele Centre)
Ever since Rutherford split the atom, understanding the probabilities that define our nuclear age has been critical to our application of nuclear technology. In this seminar, Allan Simpson of the National Nuclear Laboratory will take you on a journey to discover just why the data that helps us understand the inner workings of nuclear reactors, the evolution of stars or treat cancer patients in our hospitals is the original big data challenge and just why we'll be seeking perfection for years to come.
Cost: FREE! These talks are open to everyone and are sponsored by the West Midlands Branch of the IoP.
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A Bit of a Stretch - Liquid Crystal Elastomers
16 mar 2021 • Malvern or online, Royaume-Uni
Organised by IOP West Midlands Branch, Hereford & Worcester Centre
This talk will introduce what these special rubbers - liquid crystal elastomers - are and how they spontaneously change shape, can lift thousands of times their own weight, and how they can even get thicker when stretched, rather than thinner. This event may also be delivered as an online webinar. If necessary due to Coronavirus or venue restrictions it will be an online webinar only.
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SOC — Overwhelmed by alerts? Prioritising and Rationalising Threat Notifications in the Security Operations Centre
16 avr 2021 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
SMi Group
A security operations centre (SOC) will deliver uninterrupted monitoring of an organisation’s IT network, computers, servers, databases, applications, security systems, internet traffic and all other components within the digital infrastructure. Any incidents detected will be investigated and analysed promptly, with alerts raised and immediate action taken to minimise the risk of operational disruption from a potential security breach. An effective SOC is relatively self-contained, is well equipped with the latest monitoring, analytical tools and will be operated 24/7 by a specialist team of highly experienced cybersecurity professionals.
Tél.: [02078276000];     Email.: ssapal@smi-online.co.uk
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Neutrino Physics: Exploring Matter and Universe
20 avr 2021 • University of Worcester and online, Royaume-Uni
Neutrino physics is one of the most flourishing fields in particle physics. Neutrinos are elementary particles of nature, and scientists found they have mass. This was the topic of the 2015 Nobel prize, and is the only clear evidence for this mass beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. Scientists all over the world study properties of neutrinos or use neutrinos as a new tool to investigate astrophysical objects and fundamental properties of the universe. In this talk Dr Katori will review particle physics and the status of the most exciting neutrino projects in the world.

This event may also be delivered as an online webinar. If necessary due to Coronavirus or venue restrictions it will be an online webinar only.

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