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Vernacular, Life-Style, Architecture, Design, and Place-making — TRIKONA Conference: VERNACULAR
03. Mär 2017 - 05. Mär 2017
Cheyyur Taluk, Kancheepuram District, Indien
Vernacular means native – it defines the soul of any environment, culture, architecture, language, cuisine, and life-style. It is a common identity of the place which will be sustainable and energy efficient. In this data-revolution packed century, the world has become a global village, and traditions and cultures have lost their local distinctiveness. Vernacular traditions in any field are a creative process developed by the interpretation of local knowledge, geographic opportunities, challenges, past-experiences, which are negotiated and adapted by generations to the meet the needs of the time. This conference will bring best resource persons from architecture and allied fields to speak on their experience and research. It will also encourage scholars, and activists to present papers, which would be published as a journal.
MIDAS Curator;     Tel.: [+917358000752];     Email: conference@midas.ac.in
Architecture, Vernacular, Design, Place-Making, Language&Architecture, Disaster-Management, Resilient
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TIAR — 2017 IEEE Technological Innovations in ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development
07. Apr 2017 - 08. Apr 2017
A majority of the poor in rural areas of the world primarily depend on the wages they earn through unskilled labour. In the event of inadequate labour demand or in the face of unpredictable crises like natural disaster or personal such as ill-health, their employment opportunities and livelihood are adversely affected. In this global scenario, the use of Information and Communication Technologies should solve the issues pertaining to poverty alleviation, unemployment, under employment, managing unskilled manual workers with short-term employment, making use of their available skill sets for irrigation, infrastructure building, reforestation, soil conservation, road construction etc. This International conference will present various innovative ideas on how to carry out income transfer to poor households during critical times through the use of ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development.
RDCAPE — 2017 Recent Developments in Control, Automation & Power Engineering
26. Okt 2017 - 27. Okt 2017
NOIDA, Indien
RDCAPE2017 aims to bring together academicians, scientists, industrialists, and researchers under one roof for the discussion on recent developments in the field of power, control & automation engineering. The conference intends to discuss issues related to new challenges of renewable energy, new control paradigms for efficient automation and decentralized power systems, new economics of open auction based electricity generation, transmission and distribution markets etc.

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