Konferenzen zum Thema Systembiologie und mathematische Biologie in Italien

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22. Apr 2017 - 29. Apr 2017
Siena, Italien
This Advanced Course will focus on multi-scale aspects of the connectome – the comprehensive wiring diagram of the brain – and its impact on brain function, behavior and health. Ion channels, receptors, cells and synapses breathe dynamics into this wiring diagram and give rise to sensory responses, perceptions, decisions, memories and actions. Emphasis will be placed on the latest techniques of large-scale data acquisition, analysis, theory, modeling and simulation and aspects that will be covered include: 1) the cellular basis of connectivity including gene expression, morphology and electrophysiology, 2) large-scale data gathering and data analysis of whole brain connectivity across scales including electron microscopy, single neurons, meso-scale viral tracers, diffusion and functional whole brain imaging; 3) data integration of multimodal connectome data; 4) data-driven computational modeling and simulation at different scales of brain circuitry; 5) theoretical analyses of brain network topology and principles of connectivity; 6) the development of the connectome and its link to behavior and neurological disorders; 7) predicting whole brain dynamics from the connectome; 8) wakefulness, sleep and disorders of consciousness: the relationship between the connectome and the diversity of brain states and experiences.
Francesca Martini;     Tel.: [+39.0577.146.0003];     Email: info@nsas.it
Verwandte Fachgebiete
BMTL2017 — Bringing Maths To Life
07. Jun 2017 - 09. Jun 2017
Neapel, Italien
Advances in high-throughput technologies in omics-related fields have changed the approach to the understanding of biological phenomena. The vast amounts of data made available by the -omics revolution is generating torrents of data, often referred to as big data. Dealing with big data in turn calls for generation of techniques, technologies, models, storage infrastructures and collaborative platforms to capture the often unexpected features of complex biological systems. Bringing Maths to Life 2017 will bring together leading scientists in mathematics, biology and computational biology working in different fields to create a scientific platform for data sharing, to learn about big data and -omics novel developments, and to confront ideas and realities through case studies and practical experiences. The workshop, as a mélange of different fields, will consist of selected contributions for open discussion to present and confront the most updated results at the interface of mathematics and biology in three main sessions: 1) Data: Acquisition, Pre-processing and Storage in different omics datasets; 2) Information: Data analysis, Novel -omics technologies, Application of deep learning to different -omics datasets; 3) Knowledge: Integration of different -omics data, System biology of -omics data
Applied Mathematics; Bioinformatics; Computational Biology; Genomics; Big Data; Deep Learning;
PMNP: 50 years of IST — Physics and Mathematics of Nonlinear Phenomena: 50 years of Inverse Scattering Transform
17. Jun 2017 - 24. Jun 2017
Gallipoli, Lecce, Italien
A new conference in the series Physics and Mathematics of Nonlinear Phenomena PMNP2017: 50 years of IST will be held in Gallipoli from 17 June 2017 (arrival day) to 24 June 2017 (departure day). The conference follows the highly successful 2013 and 2015 editions, and continues the traditional series of conferences on Nonlinear Physics, held in Gallipoli and organized by the research group on Nonlinear Physics of Università del Salento.

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