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BTA?! — Philosophy of Mathematics Beyond the Armchair?!
22 aou 2022 - 26 aou 2022 • Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Allemagne
Summerschool on experimental methods in the philosophy of mathematics.
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Sixth Philosophy of Language and Mind Network Conference
15 sep 2022 - 17 sep 2022 • University of Warsaw, Pologne
PLM is a European network of centers devoted to the Philosophy of Language and Mind. PLM was founded in 2010 and organizes international conferences, workshop and master classes taught by leading experts in the field.
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International Tbilisi Summer School in Logic and Language
19 sep 2022 - 23 sep 2022 • Tbilisi, Géorgie
The summer school is organised by the Kurt Gödel Society. The aim of this summer school is to bring international and Georgian scientists and students together.
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LSFA22 — 17th International Workshop on Logical and Semantic Frameworks, with Applications
23 sep 2022 - 24 sep 2022 • Belo Horizonte, MG, Brésil
Logical and semantic frameworks are formal languages used to represent logics, languages and systems. These frameworks provide foundations for the formal specification of systems and programming languages, supporting tool development and reasoning.
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Declarative AI 2022 — 6th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning
26 sep 2022 - 30 sep 2022 • Berlin, Allemagne
Declarative AI 2022 brings together the 6th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR 2022), DecisionCAMP 2022, and the 18th Reasoning Web Summer School (RW 2022). It will take place at Berlin during 26 Sept - 30 Sept, 2022. With its general topic "Declarative AI", the event aims at presenting the latest advancements in AI and rules, reasoning, decisions, and explanations and their adoption in IT systems towards improving key fields such as environment, health and societies.
Rules, Reasoning, Decisions, and Explanations
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Autumn school "Proof and Computation"
26 sep 2022 - 01 oct 2022 • Fischbachau near Munich, Allemagne
An international autumn school "Proof and Computation" will be held from 26th September to 1st October 2022 at Aurachhof in Fischbachau near Munich. Its aim is to bring together young researchers in the fields of Foundations of Mathematics, Computer Science and Philosophy.
Predicative Foundations, Constructive Mathematics and Type Theory, Computation in Higher Types, and Extraction of Programs from Proofs.
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FATIL2022 — The First International Conference on Foundations, Applications, and Theory of Inductive Logic
12 oct 2022 - 14 oct 2022 • Munich, Allemagne
Inductive reasoning is one of the most important reasoning techniques for humans and formalises the intuitive notion of "reasoning from experience". It has thus influenced both theoretical work on the formalisation of rational models of thought in Philosophy as well as practical applications in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and, in particular, Machine Learning. The First International Conference on Foundations, Applications, and Theory of Inductive Logic (FATIL2022) aims at bringing together experts from all fields concerned with inductive reasoning.
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AC2022 — 23rd Amsterdam Colloquium
19 oct 2022 - 21 oct 2022 • Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
University of Amsterdam
The Amsterdam Colloquia aim to bring together linguists, philosophers, logicians, cognitive scientists and computer scientists who share an interest in the formal study of the semantics and pragmatics of natural and formal languages. The 2022 edition will be held at the University of Amsterdam on 19–21 December, 2022
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01 sep 2022
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International Conference: Hypothesis in science. — The 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus
19 oct 2022 - 21 oct 2022 • Torun, Pologne
The Italian Society for Logic and the Philosophy of Science
Our conference aims to address the role of hypothetical thinking in the formulation and development of scientific theories and models.Next year will mark the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus. We think that it would be highly pertinent to discuss how our understanding of the role of hypotheses has changed since his time. Is the use of hypotheses still viable in current science, or has it been superseded by other scientific concepts or methods? The aim of our conference is to contribute to the dialogue between scientists, historians of science, philosophers of science, and logicians interested in scientific methods of reasoning.
Philosophical Perspectives on Sciences
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ABC Day 2022 — Amsterdam Brain and Cognition
20 oct 2022 • Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
ABC Day 2022 - an occasion to (re)connect with the ABC community, exchange ideas and foster new collaborations. The ABC Day 2022 is scheduled for the afternoon of 20 Oct, 2022, from 12.00 onwards, and will include the keynote ABC lecture by Sabine Kastner (Princeton University): Neural dynamics of the primate attention network.
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1489769 met à la disposition de ses visiteurs des listes de conférences et réunions dans le domaine scientifique. Ces listes sont publiées pour le bénéfice des personnes qui cherchent une conférence, mais aussi, bien sûr, pour celui des organisateurs. Noter que, malgré tout le soin que nous apportons à la vérification des données entrées dans nos listes, nous ne pouvons accepter de responsabilité en ce qui concerne leur exactitude ou étendue. Pensez donc à vérifier les informations présentées avec les organisateurs de la conférence ou de la réunion avant de vous engager à y participer!

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