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2020 Sun-Climate Symposium
27 jan 2020 - 31 jan 2020 • Tucson, Arizona, États-Unis
We are pleased to announce the 2020 Sun-Climate Symposium, which is sponsored by the Sun-Climate Research Center, a joint venture between NASA GSFC and LASP at the University of Colorado. The format for this symposium consists of invited and contributed oral and poster presentations in several themed sessions. We encourage your participation and hope that you will share this announcement with colleagues.
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SAGEEP 2020 — 33rd Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems
29 mar 2020 - 02 avr 2020 • Denver, Colorado, États-Unis
MPE20 — SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth
08 jui 2020 - 10 jui 2020 • Garden Grove, CA, États-Unis
Sponsored by the SIAM Activity Group on Mathematics of Planet Earth. Climate change, biodiversity, infectious diseases, sustainability, energy, food, and water are among the areas of greatest global concern. The SIAM Activity Group on Mathematics of Planet Earth (SIAG/MPE) provides a forum for mathematicians and computational scientists engaged in these critical priority areas. The interests of SIAG/MPE span the range from developing quantitative techniques to providing policy makers with tools for qualitative decision support.
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2020 Goldschmidt Conference
21 jui 2020 - 26 jui 2020 • Honolulu, Hawali, États-Unis
European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society
Goldschmidt is the foremost annual, international conference on geochemistry and related subjects, organised by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Deep Carbon Science
27 jui 2020 - 28 jui 2020 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Deep Carbon Science
28 jui 2020 - 03 jul 2020 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
The meeting will cover deep carbon science in the context of time. We will spotlight the evolution of deep carbon in Earth’s biological and nonbiological reservoirs over 4.6 billion years.
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IGARSS 2020 — 2020 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
19 jul 2020 - 24 jul 2020 • Waikoloa, États-Unis
IGARSS 2020 - Remote Sensing: Global Perspectives for Local Solutions – is to be held on the Big Island of Hawaii. This island – over 4,000 square miles – has 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones and lends itself to discovery for our diverse global viewpoints and discussions. You will also find the longest running active volcano in the world (continuous since 1983) and the world's largest active Volcano (Mauna Loa.)
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Gordon Research Seminar — Rock Deformation
08 aou 2020 - 09 aou 2020 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Rock Deformation
09 aou 2020 - 14 aou 2020 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, États-Unis
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ICTG 2020 — 4th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics
30 aou 2020 - 02 sep 2020 • Chicago, Illinois, États-Unis
International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE)
Main conference event of International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) Technical Committee (TC) 202 on Transportation Geotechnics
To apply broad engineering to bridge the gap between Pavement/Railway Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering. To promote co-operation and exchange of information and knowledge about the geotechnical aspects in design, construction, maintenance, environmental aspects, and monitoring and upgrading of roads, railways, airfields and harbor facilities.
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2nd International Conference on Energy Geotechnics
20 sep 2020 - 23 sep 2020 • La Jolla, California, États-Unis
With ever increasing energy demand and related climate change implications, the development of sustainable energy systems based on integrated schemes of energy production, transport, transfer, and storage is an important challenge to society. The broad and emerging area of Energy Geotechnics has the potential to address this challenge from multiple perspectives. Energy Geotechnics integrates concepts from geotechnical engineering and geomechanics with cross-disciplinary collaborations with geology, hydrology, geophysics, geochemistry, petroleum engineering, and energy policy.
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DFI — 45th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations
13 oct 2020 - 16 oct 2020 • Oxon Hill , États-Unis
Join us for our 45th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations where you will network with the largest gathering of practitioners specializing in the deep foundation industry; attend special lectures featuring our world-renowned keynote speakers; learn about innovations in design, construction and delivery of deep foundations; become updated on design, construction, QC/QA and risk assessment/management; hear about DFI’s global initiatives and research to promote foundation safety, quality, durability and sustainability. There will also be an Exhibit Hall featuring 150 companies.
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2021 GSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition
10 oct 2021 - 13 oct 2020 • Portland, Oregon, États-Unis
The Geological Society of America, Inc.
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