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Earth Science Week 2023 — 'Geoscience Innovating for Earth and People'
08. Okt 2023 - 14. Okt 2023 • Online, Virtuelle Veranstaltung
The American Geosciences Institute (AGI)
Earth Science Week 2023 will explore established and emerging technologies and techniques used by geoscientists as they play a growing role in society through developing stable infrastructure; fostering sustainable water, mineral and energy resources; analyzing and applying data about the Earth; and keeping people safe from natural hazards. The celebration also will highlight the wide range of fascinating and rewarding careers in the geosciences, and the ways that those careers are vital to understanding, monitoring, and living on the planet.
Distinguished Instructor Short Course — Distributed acoustic sensing for seismic measurements – what geophysicists and engineers need to know
10. Okt 2023 - 11. Okt 2023 • Virtual, Virtuelle Veranstaltung
Geoscientists and engineers are very comfortable using seismic data sets acquired with geophones, hydrophones, and accelerometers because we have a long, well-defined set of standards for acquiring, processing, and interpreting them. However, distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) seismic measurements are rapidly augmenting, and in some cases replacing, the data from these conventional tools. Technologists are frequently unaccustomed to using DAS seismic data sets since it directly acquires relative strain or strain rate measurements and not the more familiar pressure, displacement, velocity, and acceleration data. There are also acquisition parameter selections that must be made to optimize the acquired data to accomplish the purpose of the seismic survey. This course is designed to build an intuition and understanding of the value, limitations, and applications of DAS seismic technology. In addition to the lecture and accompanying book, software will be provided, which will allow the student to interactively explore DAS seismic technology.
4th SEG Latin American Virtual Student Conference
11. Okt 2023 - 12. Okt 2023 • Virtual, Virtuelle Veranstaltung
The 4th SEG Latin America Virtual Student Conference is a free event organized by the SEG Latin America Regional Advisory Committee.
After the success of the previous SEG Latin American Virtual Student conferences, we are hosting the third conference 11–12 October 2023. This virtual conference is open to students studying at all Latin American universities. It is open to all final year undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students across Latin America. Students who have not yet been able to present at a major conference but would like to share their work are encouraged to attend. Equally it is a great opportunity for more experienced students to present within their network.
2023 Summit on Drone Geophysics
23. Okt 2023 - 26. Okt 2023 • Virtual, Virtuelle Veranstaltung
The 2023 SEG Summit on Drone Geophysics will feature the latest science and innovation on the integration of drones into geophysical studies through a four-day, online international conference.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Surface and borehole seismic monitoring of CO2 geological storage
23. Nov 2023 • virtual, Virtuelle Veranstaltung
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
This lecture is based on Australian CCS projects, such as CO2CRC Otway Project and CSIRO In-situ Lab Project, which showcase evolution of the seismic monitoring technology from conventional land 4D seismic to continuous or on demand monitoring using permanent downhole and near-surface geophone and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) arrays. We discuss how monitoring objectives can be achieved using various acquisition geometries, including land 4D, 4D vertical seismic profiling (VSP), and offset VSP, all of which can be implemented using conventional and permanently mounted seismic sources. Also covered is automation of data acquisition and analysis, as well as passive data analysis.

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