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The 2nd GeoMandu: Geotechnics for Sustainable Infrastructures
28. Nov 2024 - 29. Nov 2024 • Kathmandu, Nepal
GeoMandu is an international conference series of Nepal Geotechnical Society. The First GeoMandu was held on 17-18 March 2023, which was initially planned for May 2021 but due to COVID-19 situation, it was postponed to March 2023. The overwhelming support of all our sponsors and wellwishers and a more-than-expected interest of our local participants and members have truly fascinated us for an even better and even more successful event in November 2024!

As a developing nation with an insignificant number of geotechnical engineering-related infrastructures so far, Nepal has recognized geotechnical engineering still as a minor field of engineering! Today, however, there are many ongoing national pride infrastructure development projects including four-lane fast track highway construction, roadway tunnels, multipurpose high gravity dams, underground structures, long-span bridges, heavy aircraft runways, and many others that necessitates precise knowledge of geotechnical engineering in order to reduce the risk of geo-infra disasters in future. So, through this conference series, we expect that the geotechnical engineering community in Nepal will be able to appeal to all stakeholders of Nepal as well as to our international colleagues our unique geohazard types, and geo-infra disaster issues of the Nepal Himalaya and share the problems and learn about the solutions.


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