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MECCE 2023 — 15th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering
30. Mai 2023 - 02. Jun 2023 • Barcelona, Spanien
This 2023 congress is presented as a great opportunity to implement the entire 2030 Agenda from science and its power of transfer. In addition, the special times in which we are involved mean that society, companies, and professionals need to obtain more real answers to the challenges we face in terms of digitalization, energy, decarbonization, circularity, new materials, and new surfaces. Considering, of course, all Chemical Engineering topics like Unit Operations and Separation Processes, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Systems Engineering, Product Engineering, Applied Biotechnology, Safety, Health and Environment, or Chemical Engineering Solutions to Global Societal Challenges. An edition where the scientific community will dress up to offer and to share its knowledge in essential and critical industrial sectors.
Einsendeschluss für Abstracts:
31. Jan 2023
Polyolefin Additives – 2023 — Exploring how to optimise polyolefin performance through compounding, blending and additives
03. Okt 2023 - 04. Okt 2023 • Barcelona, Spanien
Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI)
Polyolefins are entirely ubiquitous, as they help to form many of the everyday objects that society has come to depend on. The diverse applications of this family of thermoplastics mean that it’s produced in high volumes, though at what cost to our environment? With the continuing determination of the EU Green Deal in achieving its mission, how can polyolefins contribute to a greater circular economy and align with the changing landscape of regulations?  Polyolefin Additives fosters open discussion and facilitates the exchange of technical information on compounding, polyolefin market trends, and of course, sustainability. The event is attended by experts across all industry sectors, consisting of petrochemical companies, polymer and additive suppliers, compounders, testing and research institutes, machinery experts and end-users.

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