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Random Graphs: Combinatorics, Complex Networks and Disordered Systems
26 mar 2023 - 01 avr 2023 • Oberwolfach, Allemagne
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO, Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics)
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CMO/Banff Workshop — Formation of Looping Networks - from Nature to Models
23 avr 2023 - 28 avr 2023 • Oaxaca, Mexique
Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO)
Networks are all around us: there are river networks, streets, cracks patterns, veins of leaves, ants nests, social networks. But they are also within us, for instance our blood vessels. Appart of the social networks, the particularity of these networks is to be drawn in physical space. Some are branched like trees, rivers networks or lightning, but many, especially in living matter, form loops. These loops are very useful in case of a disturbance, for instance when a blood vessel blocks or a street jamms, the flow can turn around and keep circulating. What is surprising is that these networks are not well described. We start to know pretty well how to describe trees, or social networks, but we are missing a lot of information by not using the presence of these loops and their position in space. There is also no understanding of how they grow and appear. This is why this meeting happens: to bring together experts of these up to now separated subjects, to form a new community and bring discoveries around this common object.
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WAW 2023 — 18th Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph
23 mai 2023 - 26 mai 2023 • Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Canada
Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
The aim of the 18th Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph (WAW 2023) is to further the understanding of graphs that arise from the Web and various user activities on the Web, and stimulate the development of high-performance algorithms and applications that exploit these graphs. The workshop will also welcome the researchers who are working on graph-theoretic and algorithmic aspects of citation networks, social networks, biological networks, molecular networks, and the Internet.
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CIMPA Research School on Graph Structure and Complex Network Analysis
04 jui 2023 - 16 jui 2023 • Nesin Mathematics Village, Şirince, İzmir, Turquie
CIMPA Research School on Graph Structure and Complex Network Analysis will be held in Nesin Mathematics Village, Şirince, İzmir, Turkey on June 4-16, 2023. Since the works of Watts and Strogatz (1998) on one hand, and Barabási and Albert (1999) on the other, graph theory has become a major mathematical field that provides a framework to handle network properties theoretically and enables us with very powerful tools to model and solve problems on networks. Understanding their graph structure is a key point in deriving efficient algorithms in large networks. In this school, we will cover theoretical aspects of graph structure analysis as well as applications on complex network studies.
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Summer Graduate School — Algebraic Methods for Biochemical Reaction Networks
12 jui 2023 - 23 jui 2023 • Leipzig, Allemagne
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
The aim of the course is to learn how tools from algebraic geometry (in particular, from computational and real algebraic geometry) can be used to analyze standard models in molecular biology. Particularly, these models are key ingredients in the development of Systems and Synthetic biology, two active research areas focusing on understanding, modifying, and implementing the design principles of living systems. We will focus on the mathematical aspects of the methods, and exemplify and apply the theory to real networks, thereby introducing the participants to relevant problems and mechanisms in molecular biology. As a counterpart, however, the participants will also see how this field has in the past challenged current methods, mainly in the realm of real algebraic geometry, and has given rise to new general and purely theoretical results on polynomial equations. We will end our lectures with an overview of open questions in both fields.
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INMS Workshop — International Workshop on Optimal Network Topologies
17 jul 2023 - 21 jul 2023 • ICMS, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
ICMS - International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
The principal objective of the workshop is to bring together researchers in the relevant areas to consolidate recent advances, present new results and encourage collaborations on extensions of recent work or new ideas.
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BIRS Workshop — New Directions in Applied Linear Algebra
27 aou 2023 - 01 sep 2023 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
Banff International Research Station (BIRS) for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery
This workshop focuses on addressing general theoretical problems that underpin cutting-edge applications of linear algebra, including low-rank approximation and tensor decomposition, optimization, machine learning, nonlocal network dynamics, and uncertainty quantification. By bringing together experts from these different communities at a BIRS workshop, new insights in applied linear algebra will be brought to these challenging problems, which we expect to generate significant advances to state-of-the-art computational algorithms in the next decade.
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