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SMC 2023 — 2023 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
01 oct 2023 - 04 oct 2023 • Maui, Hawaii, États-Unis
IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society
The conference provides an international forum for researchers, educators, and practitioners to learn, share knowledge, report most recent innovations and developments, and exchange ideas and advances in all aspects of systems science and engineering, human-machine systems, and cybernetics. The theme of SMC 2023 is “Improving the Quality of Life’. In addition to technical sessions, SMC 2023 will also hold keynote addresses, tutorials, workshops, panel discussions, forums, exhibits, and membership receptions to enrich the fruitful discussions among conference attendees.
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ICCMA 2023 — The 11th International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation
01 nov 2023 - 03 nov 2023 • University of Agder, Norvège
The 11th International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation (ICCMA 2023) will be held at Campus Grimstad, University of Agder, Norway, from November 1-3, 2023. The conference is sponsored by the University of Agder, provides a platform for researchers, scholars, engineers, and students from around the world to present their research, share ideas, and foster research collaborations between academia and industry. ICCMA is a well-known event worldwide and has been attracting increasing numbers of paper submissions and attendees every year.
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International Multibody Dynamics Conference 2023
15 nov 2023 - 16 nov 2023 • Munich, Allemagne
With the continued increase in product complexity, Multibody Dynamics Simulation (MBDS) has become a key discipline thanks to its ability to virtually test complex system designs composed of many components and with various types of physical forces acting on them. Successful optimal design is not limited to meeting functional requirements, but also extends to meeting tighter regulations, faster time-to-market and budgetary expectations, and customer expectations for better products.

We are pleased to announce the NAFEMS Multibody Dynamics Conference 2023 , the only international conference devoted to MBDS. The conference will provide an overview of state-of-the-art-methods for the simulation and design of complex systems, mainly within the context of industrial applications and CAE.

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62nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
13 dec 2023 - 15 dec 2023 • Singapore, Singapour
CDC 2023 is hosted by the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) in cooperation with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the Technical Committee on Control Theory of the Chinese Automation Association (TCCT), the European Control Association (EUCA), the Korea Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS), and the Japanese Society for Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE).
The IEEE CDC is recognized as the premier scientific and engineering conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of systems and control. The CDC annually brings together an international community of researchers and practitioners in the field of automatic control to discuss new research results, perspectives on future developments, and innovative applications relevant to decision making, automatic control, and related areas.
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ICCRE 2024 — The 9th International Conference on Control and Robotics Engineering
10 mai 2024 - 12 mai 2024 • Osaka, Japon
The South Asia Institute of Science and Engineering
2024 9th International Conference on Control and Robotics Engineering (ICCRE 2024) will be held at Osaka University, Osaka, Japan during May 10-12, 2024. ICCRE2024 is co-sponsored by Hohai University, China, IEEE and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society; hosted by Osaka University, Japan.
Control Science and Engineering; Adaptive control; Robust control; Robotics Science and Engineering; Modeling and identification; Robot control; Vision Science and Engineering; Image/video analysis; Feature extraction, grouping and segmentation;
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