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World battery Industry Expo 2021
16. Aug 2021 - 18. Aug 2021 • China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
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NEIS 2021 — Conference on Sustainable Energy Supply and Energy Storage Systems
13. Sep 2021 - 14. Sep 2021 • Hamburg, Deutschland
Helmut-Schmidt-Universität, Professur für Elektrische Energiesysteme
The main focus of the conference will be "Methods and practical approaches for power system planning and management", with the following subtopics: Load management methods in smart grids, Power system measurements and identification methods, Operation of DC grids, Innovative monitoring and protection methods, Practical demonstration of smart grid solutions, Grid integration of e-mobility, Energy storage applications, Fuel cells in electrical power systems
Organising team;     Email: info@neis-conference.com
Smart grid, Electric vehicles, Optimization, Fuel cell, Power quality, grid protection, energy storage, Power system measurements
FAVPS — Future Armoured Vehicles Power Systems
20. Sep 2021 - 21. Sep 2021 • London, Großbritannien
SMi Group
As the shift from traditional power packs towards alternative means of vehicle propulsion accelerates, and armed forces around the world begin to embrace innovative solutions to armoured vehicle mobility, powertrain and power management considerations have never been so important. SMi Group proudly presents the newest addition to their sell-out Armoured Vehicles events portfolio: Future Armoured Vehicles Power Systems 2021 - the only conference for armoured vehicle experts focused on vehicle power and propulsion systems.
Tel.: [02078276086];     Email: mardael@smi-online.co.uk
Future Armoured Vehicles Power Systems, London, SMi Group, Military, Army, Armed Forces, Survivability, Safety, British Army, US Army, Electric Drive System, Platform Electrification, hybrid fuel cells, hybrid electric drive, onboard systems, Power Systems, DSTL, OEMs, System Integrators, Vehicle Mobility, Hybrid Vehicles, Alternative Power Solutions, ASCOD, Fighting Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Powertrain electrification, Next-Generation, Warfighter, Close Combat, FAVPowerSystems, UK MoD, British Army, US Army, QinetiQ, Armoured Vehicles, Combat Vehicle, AFV, Auxiliary Supply, Fuel, Fuel Cells, Fuel Supply
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World Energy Storage Day (WESD)2021
22. Sep 2021 - 23. Sep 2021 • Mumbai, Indien
India Energy Storage Alliance
The Energy Storage Sector has come a long way in the past decade; the progress has picked up a steady pace the world over. It is seen as an enabler for transformation towards a greener and sustainable future. Now more than ever, it has become imperative to echo the need and relevance of energy storage in the present times. World Energy Storage Day brings you the biggest Virtual Global Conference & Expo on 22nd September 2021. Its commemorated all over the world. Join global thought leaders driving Energy Storage and E-Mobility. Let's together celebrate the movement that is changing lives. The Autumnal Equinox, when the day and night are of approximately equal duration occurs on 22nd September every year. Inspired by this phenomenon and in support of the Earth Day movement, Global Energy Storage Alliance chose this day in 2017 as World Energy Storage Day (WESD) to celebrate the role energy storage technologies can play in enabling a greener grid and cleaner transportation. Join us to learn, how technology breakthroughs, manufacturing scaleup, business model & policy innovation are poised to make this the decade for advanced energy storage.
India Energy Storage Alliance;     Tel.: [91-8379037205];     Email: indiaiesa@gmail.com
RE Grid Integration Week — 11th Solar and Storage Integration Workshop
27. Sep 2021 - 01. Okt 2021 • Virtual, Deutschland
Energynautics GmbH
The Solar Integration Workshop is designed for power system operators, transmission and distribution grid operators, solar inverter manufacturers, universities and research institutes, and consulting companies.

One special focus of the Solar Integration Workshop will be storage integration. Many renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy produce variable power. Storage systems provide a way to level out the imbalances between supply and demand. Thus, electricity production need not be drastically scaled up and down to meet momentary consumption. Instead, transmission from the combination of generators plus storage facilities is maintained at a more constant level. Storage systems constantly grow in their usability, efficiency and number of use cases. More than enough reason to discuss the development in storage integration in detail and dedicate this year’s special topic to storage.

Email: https://solarintegrationworkshop.org/
Project Experience with PV and Battery Grid Integration Topic IconGrid Forming Aspects and Experience Topic IconPower System Studies Topic IconDistribution Grid Issues Topic IconTransmission Grid/Power System Issues Topic IconPower Quality Issues Topic IconGrid Code Issues and Future Aspects Topic IconSolar Power and Battery Modelling Issues Topic IconPower System Balancing Issues Topic IconAncillary Services with PV and Batteries Topic IconForecasting Topic IconHybrid Power Systems Topic IconSmart Grid/IT Innovations Topic IconEnergy Market and Regulatory Issues Topic IconDecarbonization of Energy Sectors Topic IconAI and Machine Learning for Grid Integration Topic IconSector Coupling Based on PV incl. Hydrogen
Gordon Research Seminar — Batteries
19. Feb 2022 - 20. Feb 2022 • Ventura, Vereinigte Staaten
Gordon Research Conference — Batteries
20. Feb 2022 - 25. Feb 2022 • Ventura, Vereinigte Staaten
Gordon Research Seminar — Fuel Cells
23. Jul 2022 - 24. Jul 2022 • Bryant University, Smithfield, Vereinigte Staaten
Gordon Research Conference — Fuel Cells
24. Jul 2022 - 29. Jul 2022 • Bryant University, Smithfield, Vereinigte Staaten
Gordon Research Conference — Electrochemical Interfaces in Energy Conversion and Storage
31. Jul 2022 - 05. Aug 2022 • Ventura, Vereinigte Staaten

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