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Workshop — Surface Science Day 5
09. Jun 2023 • University of Chester, Chester, Großbritannien
Organised by IOP Thin Films and Surfaces Group
Surface Science Day 5 is the fifth in a series of one-day workshops focussed on surface science. The workshop aims to cover most aspects of research in surface science. Its main audience is PhD students and Postdocs, as well as early professionals. The day includes a full programme of invited speakers with opportunities for cross-fertilisation between sub-disciplines. In addition, there is a poster session for contributed posters from delegates. Student posters are eligible for entry for a poster prize, which will be awarded on the day.
6th Annual UK Porous Materials Conference
19. Jun 2023 - 20. Jun 2023 • Sheffield, Großbritannien
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
The UK PorMat meetings are organised by the Porous Materials Interest Group of the RSC, and act as a focal point for researchers working on all aspects related to porous materials, including synthesis/design, characterisation, applications, and modelling. They cover research on a wide variety of materials, including zeolites and zeotypes, Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs), porous silicas, porous carbons, porous polymers, porous organic cages, among others.
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Faraday Discussion — Water at interfaces
20. Sep 2023 - 22. Sep 2023 • London, Großbritannien
Royal Society of Chemistry
There are major water-related challenges that require enhanced molecular-level understanding and description of water at interfaces, to relate that understanding to macroscopic phenomena in aqueous systems, and then ultimately utilize or control those phenomena. Interfacial water is crucial for disciplines as diverse as atmospheric science, geochemistry, energy science, water purification/desalination, and biology. This Faraday Discussion aims to combine different approaches, both experimental and theoretical, to further our understanding of the fundamental properties of water at interfaces. Such insights are expected to have important implications for chemistry, biology and potentially medicine; key sustainable technologies such as filtration, desalination, and photocatalytic water splitting; as well as modelling of processes in atmospheric chemistry and physics.
Dynamics and Nano-Rheology of Interfacial Water; Electrified / Charged Aqueous Interfaces; Ice Interfaces; Soft Matter-Water Interface

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