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Gordon Research Conference — Polymers
04. Jun 2023 - 09. Jun 2023 • Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, Vereinigte Staaten
The conference will focus on both synthetic and biologically derived polymers and all aspects of their chemistry, including synthesis, structural characterization, and applications, with particular emphasis on new methods for polymer synthesis, sustainable polymer development, and innovative applications of polymers in medicine, energy, electronics, and advanced manufacturing.
Synthesis, Structure, Sustainability and Function
Fluoropolymer 2023
18. Jun 2023 - 21. Jun 2023 • Denver, CO, Vereinigte Staaten
ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc.
Fluoropolymers are enabling materials which find applications in critical technologies from energy conversion, to microelectronics and photonics, to extreme environment applications to biomaterials. Traditional fluoropolymer technology is nearly 65 years old and it maintains a growth rate above the US GNP. In addition to perfluoropolymers, partially fluorinated polymers will continue to impact a wide range of technologies as better control of their unique optical, electronic, processing, extreme environment stability, and surface properties is achieved. This will be the 11th biennial FLUOROPOLYMER conference hosted by the Division of Polymer Chemistry.
Gordon Research Conference — Heterocyclic Compounds
18. Jun 2023 - 23. Jun 2023 • Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, Vereinigte Staaten
Gordon Research Seminar — Physical Organic Chemistry
24. Jun 2023 - 25. Jun 2023 • Holderness School, Holderness, Vereinigte Staaten
Gordon Research Conference — Physical Organic Chemistry
25. Jun 2023 - 30. Jun 2023 • Holderness School, Holderness, Vereinigte Staaten
Gordon Research Conference — Organic Reactions and Processes
16. Jul 2023 - 21. Jul 2023 • Bryant University, Smithfield, Vereinigte Staaten
The 2023 Gordon Research Conference on Organic Reactions and Processes will gather experts in organic chemistry at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI on July 16 - 21, 2023. This 68th meeting occurrence will present cutting edge research directed towards the synthesis of complex organic molecules and will attract a diverse group of leading industrial and academic scientists interested in the latest innovations in synthetic organic chemistry applied on scales from milligrams to kilograms. The 2023 meeting features invited lectures on fundamental and targeted research enabling access to elaborate molecular scaffolds with exquisite control. The program includes both established and emerging scientists from the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Topics include total syntheses of natural products, pharmaceutical process chemistry, novel organic methods, biocatalysis, organometallic catalysis, and mechanistic investigations.
Catalysis, Methods and Strategies Empowering Organic Synthesis
15. Okt 2023 - 18. Okt 2023 • Safety Harbor, FL, Vereinigte Staaten
ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc.
Controlled Radical Polymerization
12. Nov 2023 - 15. Nov 2023 • Charleston, SC, Vereinigte Staaten
ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc.

The meeting is meant to highlight recent advances in both the fundamental and materials aspects of CRP and includes speakers who focus on mechanisms of CRP, functionality and architectural control, biorelated polymers, hybrid materials and heterogeneous systems, and materials and industrial aspects of CRP. The compilation will describe the current state of the art of CRP and is unique in that it combines all important aspects of this important family of synthetic techniques: from synthetic procedures to rational selection of reaction components, to the understanding of the reaction mechanisms, to materials and applications. This meeting will target chemists and polymer scientists in academia, industry, and government.


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