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Faraday Discussion — Biocatalysis
22 mai 2024 - 24 mai 2024 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
This meeting is for established and early-career scientists, postgraduate students and industrial researchers working on various aspects of biocatalysis. It will be of interest to researchers working in the areas of enzyme design, protein engineering and catalyst optimization, both in industry and academia, and will provide the opportunity to identify opportunities and challenges, share expertise and advance knowledge at the frontiers of this rapidly developing area.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Metallocofactors
08 jui 2024 - 09 jui 2024 • Easton, MA, États-Unis
The Metallocofactors GRS provides a unique forum for young doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to present their work, discuss new methods, cutting edge ideas, and pre-published data, as well as to build collaborative relationships with their peers. Experienced mentors and trainee moderators will facilitate active participation in scientific discussion to allow all attendees to be engaged participants rather than spectators.
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Gordon Research Conference – Metallocofactors
09 jui 2024 - 14 jui 2024 • Easton, MA, États-Unis
The scientific focus of this meeting concerns the catalytic active sites of metalloproteins––metallocofactors and their precisely tuned secondary coordination spheres––that drive the chemical reactions enabling life on Earth. These catalytic active sites have captivated a diverse community of scientists spanning a range of disciplines. Accordingly, this Gordon Research Conference unites biochemists, synthetic chemists, spectroscopists, and biologists sharing a common desire to understand how Nature uses a limited elemental toolbox to drive challenging but essential chemical transformations. Key foci of the 2024 Metallocofactors GRC will be methodologies (e.g. spectroscopy, electrochemistry), motifs (e.g. clusters), and context (nutrient cycles, repurposing/engineering of cofactors for non-natural roles).
Catalysts for Processing the Elements of Life
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BOS2024 — Balticum Organicum Syntheticum 2024
07 jul 2024 - 10 jul 2024 • Riga, Lettonie
Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
BOS2024, the 12th international conference on organic chemistry with a concentration on organic synthesis, will be held in Riga, Latvia on July 7-10, 2024. Its program will consist of a balanced program of academic and industrial speakers presenting fundamental and practical aspects of organic chemistry and synthesis. Two poster sessions will take place as well.
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organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, industrial chemistry, process chemistry
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14 jul 2024 - 19 jul 2024 • Lyon, France
All French academic laboratories related to catalysis, along with the majority of the industrial companies will contribute to a successful event. France’s solid history in catalysis continues today thanks to a young generation of talented scientists in all major fields of catalysis. Building on these strong roots, the French catalysis community wishes to promote disruptive catalysis with the objective of building a better world. In a spirit of cross-fertilization between disciplines, worldwide societal challenges including the environment, energy, mobility, and the circular economy will be addressed through invited lectures and dedicated sessions in line with the main conference slogan “ROOTS AND WINGS FOR A BETTER WORLD”.
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Beilstein Organic Chemistry Symposium — Main-group Chemistry for Modern Catalysis and Synthesis
10 sep 2024 - 12 sep 2024 • Limburg an der Lahn, Allemagne
This symposium will discuss the challenges and opportunities main-group chemistry provides for modern synthesis and catalysis to complement classic Organic Chemistry and transition metal catalysis.
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International Meet & Expo on Chemical Engineering and Catalysis
13 fév 2025 - 15 fév 2025 • Dubai, Émirats arabes unis
ACME Meetings
We are elated to announce the much-anticipated International Meet on Chemical Engineering and Catalysis, a revolutionary event slated to take place in Dubai, UAE from February 13-15, 2025. CHEMCATMEET2025 stands out as a premier interdisciplinary platform that brings together a diverse spectrum of professionals, including scientists, researchers, nanotechnologists, chemists, practitioners, industry leaders, and educators.
Chemical Engineering, Catalysis, Nanotechnology, Sustainable Energy, Polymers and Materials, Separation Processes, Fuel Cells, Applications of Chemical Engineering, Computing and Simulation, Process Systems Engineering, Product Development, Hydrogen Production Using Solar Energy, Fluid Dynamics, Nanomaterials, Green Chemistry, Catalysis for Energy
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