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PCSD 2022 — Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics
27 jan 2022 - 30 jan 2022 • San Diego, Californie, États-Unis
The Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics is an international forum exploring Molecular Spectroscopy, broadly interpreted, in both gas and condensed phases.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Atomically Precise Nanochemistry
12 fév 2022 - 13 fév 2022 • Galveston, États-Unis
Gordon Research Conference — Atomically Precise Nanochemistry
13 fév 2022 - 18 fév 2022 • Galveston, États-Unis
Faraday Discussion — Understanding Crystallisation
28 mar 2022 - 30 mar 2022 • York, Royaume-Uni
The Royal Society of Chemistry
This meeting is for established and early-career scientists, post-graduate students and industrial researchers interested in measuring, modelling and designing crystallisation processes. The unique format of the Faraday Discussions will allow for in-depth discussions of issues critical to the development of crystallisation research. The meeting will bring together communities of scientists studying nucleation in different contexts such as inorganics, organics, porous materials, and biological systems, offering opportunities to establish new collaborations.
Crystallisation, the spontaneous arrangement of molecular building blocks into ordered solid particles, is a fascinating phenomenon. Understanding the dynamic, molecular-scale processes that underlie crystal nucleation and growth holds the key to designing the production of specific crystalline materials. The ability to induce crystallisation how, when and where we want it is key to material synthesis. Such capabilities will transform industrial and environmental sectors, including healthcare, formulated products, oil and gas, water, mining and advanced materials.
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17 jan 2022
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IMAMPC — 11th International Meeting on Atomic and Moleular Physics and Chemistry
13 jui 2022 - 17 jui 2022 • Prague, République tchèque
J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences
The meeting gathers together researchers from both theory and experiment in the wide area of atomic and molecular physics and chemistry enabling novel directions in research and collaborations. The main focus of the meeting is to promote young researchers and interdisciplinarity.
Quantum Gases, Isolated Molecules, Biomolecules, Clusters, Nanostructures, Laser-Matter Interactions
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Faraday Discussion — Unimolecular reactions
22 jui 2022 - 24 jui 2022 • Oxford, Royaume-Uni
The Royal Society of Chemistry
The original Lindemann mechanism of unimolecular reactions was proposed at a Faraday Discussion, published in 1922, during an exchange between Lindemann and other leading figures of reaction rate theory (Arrhenius, Langmuir, Perrin) and it is therefore fitting that the current state of the field should be examined a century later in 2022. This meeting is for established and early-career scientists, post-graduate students and industrial researchers interested in kinetics and dynamics, both experimental and theoretical, working on gas- and liquid-phase unimolecular reactions. Oral and poster presentation opportunities are available to all these groups, and we invite you to submit an oral or poster abstract to make your contribution alongside leaders in the field. Join us to discuss the topic of unimolecular reactions and follow in the scientific footsteps of Lindemann!
In this Discussion we will examine the current state of unimolecular reaction experiment and theory, with an emphasis on application to contemporary challenges, such as atmospheric pollution, the search for alternative fuels and the better understanding of industrial processes.
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WATOC 2020 — 12th Triennial Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists
03 jul 2022 - 08 jul 2022 • Vancouver, Canada
Chemical Institute of Canada
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BIRS Workshop — Mathematical challenges in computational chemistry: multiscale, multiconfigurational approaches, machine learning
08 jul 2022 - 10 jul 2022 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
Banff International Research Station (BIRS) for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery
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Gordon Research Seminar — Molecular Interactions and Dynamics
09 jul 2022 - 10 jul 2022 • Stonehill College, Easton, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Molecular Interactions and Dynamics
10 jul 2022 - 15 jul 2022 • Stonehill College, Easton, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Seminar — Computational Chemistry
16 jul 2022 - 17 jul 2022 • Castelldefels, Espagne
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Gordon Research Seminar — Oscillations and Dynamic Instabilities in Chemical Systems
16 jul 2022 - 17 jul 2022 • Stonehill College, Easton, États-Unis
Gordon Research Conference — Computational Chemistry
17 jul 2022 - 22 jul 2022 • Castelldefels, Espagne
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Gordon Research Conference — Oscillations and Dynamic Instabilities in Chemical Systems
17 jul 2022 - 22 jul 2022 • Stonehill College, Easton, États-Unis
ICNI — 2nd International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions
18 jul 2022 - 22 jul 2022 • University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
Noncovalent interactions are ubiquitous in Nature and contribute to the cohesion of chemical systems. If their existence was long suspected they were firstly taken into consideration by van der Waals in 1873, helping to revise the equation of state for real gases. In comparison to covalent bonds, intra- and intermolecular noncovalent interactions are in general locally weak and exhibit much lower energy and directionality, as reflected by the term “noncovalent”. Nevertheless, in many cases these interactions can collectively play a dominant role in synthesis, catalysis and design of materials. In the first half of the 20th century, these properties have already fueled passionate debates on their origin and nature particularly with the emergence of quantum chemistry with the works of Schrödinger and London. Thus, the chemistry of this century is expected to be largely driven by noncovalent interactions and it was timely to establish a general/regular series of International Conferences on Noncovalent Interactions (ICNI), the first one of which was inaugurated on 2-6 September 2019 in Lisbon.
physical chemistry, Noncovalent Interactions
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Gordon Research Conference — Stereochemistry
24 jul 2022 - 29 jul 2022 • Salve Regina University, Newport, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Molecular Structure Elucidation
31 jul 2022 - 05 aou 2022 • Newry, États-Unis
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7th International Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity
07 aou 2022 - 11 aou 2022 • Edmonton, Canada
Chiral, enantiopure compounds play an increasingly important role in modern society, as many pharmaceutical compounds, e.g. active compounds, mimics and biologics, are chiral. In modern regulatory work, the absolute configuration of such compounds must be accessed, as must the stability and structural integrity of biologics and generics of these. Therefore, techniques suitable for accurate absolute configuration assignment and detailed structural analysis are in high demand in research and industry. The VOA conference series aims to present the cutting edge in research and development in the field of vibrational optical activity (VCD and ROA) and beyond, highlighting developments in chiroptical spectroscopy, experimentally as well as theoretically, bringing together the leading scientists in the field for stimulating presentations and discussions of the newest trends and applications of this diverse group of techniques.
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ICESS 2022 — 15th International Conference on Electronic spectroscopy and structure
22 aou 2022 - 26 aou 2022 • Oulu, Finlande
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PRAHA2022 — 26th International Conference on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy
29 aou 2022 - 02 sep 2022 • Prague, République tchèque
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