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Developing Careers in the Agri-Food Supply Chain
12 mai 2021 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
SCI - Society of Chemical Industry
In this changing world the agri-food supply chain, from farm to table, is more important than ever. The agri-food supply chain is at the centre of the UK and brings food from UK farmers to UK residents every single day. However, the sector faces challenges in adapting to the modern world; from lowering the carbon footprint of our food, adapting to a growing population with a changing diet and navigating uncertain political and economic times, including the pandemic and Brexit. This session will briefly explore the agri-food supply chain, covering topics from farming initiatives to sustainable packaging. It will also focus on the unique and exciting careers of those at the forefront of this sector.
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agriculture, agrifood, sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, sustainability, supply chain
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IAHS 2021 — IAHS Scientific Assembly 2021
28 jui 2021 - 02 jul 2021 • Montpellier, France
Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences
As always, the objective of this important biennial event will be to provide an opportunity to communicate, exchange and project on all major topics in the hydrological sciences within the framework of sessions organized by all IAHS Commissions and Working Groups. In the context of the multiple instabilities that prevail today, the task isimmense and yet scientists have a duty to provide elements of answers and solutions to the challenges facing us in the coming years. In this respect, the diversity and quality of the expected participants is the guarantee of a productive and high-level Assembly.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Water Disinfection, Byproducts and Health
31 jul 2021 - 01 aou 2021 • South Hadley, MA, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Water Disinfection, Byproducts and Health
01 aou 2021 - 06 aou 2021 • South Hadley, MA, États-Unis
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13th IWA Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation
12 sep 2021 - 16 sep 2021 • Pékin, Chine
International Water Association (IWA) and Tsinghua University and State Key Joint Lab Environmental Simulation & Pollution Control
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IWA Conference on Sustainable Sludge Management
10 oct 2021 - 12 oct 2021 • Pékin, Chine
International Water Association (IWA)
The rapid expansion of China’s economy has been accompanied by many serious environmental issues, including degradation of water quality. To solve its water pollution problems, massive investments in water and wastewater treatment has been undertaken in China in the past decades. These new and upgraded treatment facilities has improved water quality, but also lead to problematic levels of sludge generation, and this prospect is now being addressed with urgency. This sludge conference is titled “IWA conference in Sustainable Sludge Management” which will focus on sustainable approaches in sludge management.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Environmental Sciences: Water
18 jui 2022 - 19 jui 2022 • Holderness School, Holderness, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Environmental Sciences: Water
19 jui 2022 - 24 jui 2022 • Holderness School, Holderness, États-Unis
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