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PMBC2019 — 2nd International Congress on Precision Medicine
14 oct 2019 - 15 oct 2019 • Munich, Allemagne
Today, Precision Medicine is still lagging behind in diseases with the highest socioeconomic impact. In fact, there is a growing number of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs). Global Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs) treatment market may further increase to CAGR of 6.3% in 2025. In addition, the aging populations around the world with further increase the pressure on society to creatively tackle the triple trillion US$ healthcare market with IMIDs becoming an increasing challenge also in BRIC regions. Thus, in order to secure improved outcome, better quality of life, reduced disease burden and cost as well as success (including commercial viability) of new treatment opportunities in an ever more competitive environment, creative approaches are mandatory. PMBC2019 aims to identify and direct R&D as well as payment models towards actionable insights and the generation of flagship projects doable today to address tomorrow’s challenges. With these contentions in mind the biomedical community and all stakeholders in medicine & healthcare are invited to join constructive and engaging discussions in Munich that will eventually lead to better serving customers true needs already today, but definitely tomorrow by providing Precision Medicine.
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DGPT — 5th German Pharm-Tox Summit
02 mar 2020 - 05 mar 2020 • Leipzig, Allemagne
Tél.: [+4936413116390];     Email.:
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GfV — 30th Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology
25 mar 2020 - 28 mar 2020 • Berlin, Allemagne
Tél.: [+4936413116390];     Email.:
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