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2022 school — Mayneord-Phillips Educational Programme: Advances in Solid State Detectors for Early Diagnosis
04 jul 2022 - 06 jul 2022 • Oxford, Royaume-Uni
Institute of Physics, the British Institute of Radiology, and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
The Mayneord-Phillips Educational Programme (MPEP), run by the Institute of Physics, the British Institute of Radiology, and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine is a forum for early-career professionals to explore new developments in medical physics, enhance subject-knowledge and form long-term networks. The programme hosts approximately 30 early-career professionals and has been successfully running since 2012. The aim is to host the event every two years. The topic of the 2022 school will be Advances in Solid State Detectors for Early Diagnosis which given the current COVID pandemic, has emphasised how vital it is for scientists to explore and develop new solutions. The School will provide an opportunity for NHS Clinical Scientists, post-graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and engineers and innovators working on product solutions in industry to develop their interest and expertise in an exciting, nascent topic.
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Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and Delivery Conference 2022
21 sep 2022 - 22 sep 2022 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
SMi Group
Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and Delivery Conference 2022

Date: 21st – 22nd September 2022

Location: London, UK


Advancements in extra-hepatic delivery of oligonucleotides

The Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and Delivery conference reveals the latest in oligonucleotide discovery and delivery, with presentations on targeted delivery mechanisms, oligonucleotide chemistries and important clinical advances. Global experts from big pharma and leading biotechs will explore the emerging therapeutic applications of oligonucleotides with case studies surrounding the discovery and development of oligonucleotide therapeutics as well as CMC and regulatory standpoints. The two-day conference will bring you high-quality insights and industry connections on the latest clinical trial candidates and a platform for exchanging ideas for tackling the biggest challenge: DELIVERY.

Established on the success of our RNA Therapeutics series, we look forward to welcoming you at Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and Delivery to join the conversation around maximizing the potential of oligo-based treatments.

Benefits of attending:

•Listen to case studies presenting on pre-clinical and clinical research in areas such as oncology and what can be learned for future clinical trials

•Deepen your understanding of oligonucleotide therapeutic delivery and explore the latest innovations in extrahepatic oligonucleotide delivery and target specificity

• Understand the regulatory and CMC environment surrounding oligonucleotide therapeutic development

•Explore developments in oligonucleotide chemistries and examine developments in novel applications of antisense oligonucleotides and siRNA

•Engage in the latest innovations in oligonucleotide therapeutics such as utilising AI machine learning to drive the discovery of novel therapeutics

Plus, two interactive half day pre-conference workshops on 20th September 2022:

•Oligonucleotide Therapies- Overcoming The Challenges Of Delivery led by Nick Lench, Executive Director, NATA, Martin Kerr, Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator, Ritwick Sawakar, MRC Investigator, MRC Toxicology Unit, University Of Cambridge

•Managing CMC Activities For The Development Of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics led by Mia Kiistala, CEO/Owner/Principal Consultant, Aurora CMC Consulting


•Ekkehard Leberer, Senior Life Sciences Consultant, Elbicon

•Jimmy Weterings, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca


•Shalini Anderson, Vice President Oligonucleotide Discovery,AstraZeneca

•Heinrich Haas, Vice President RNA Formulation & Drug Delivery, BioNTech

•Tamar Grossman, Global Head of RNA and Targeted Therapeutics, Janssen pharmaceuticals

•Sarah Tabrizi,Director of UCL Huntington’s disease centre, UCL Institute of Neurology

•Macarena Hernandez-Jimenez, Chief Scientific Officer, AptaTargets

•David Evans, Chief Scientific Officer, Sirnaomics

•Eric Lim, Director, Platform, Discover Research, Stoke Therapeutics, Inc.

•Chris Chorley, Associate Director, Global Regulatory CMC, Biogen

•Oliver Ernst, Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, Neuway Pharma GmbH

Nick Lench, Executive Director, Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator

Bart Anderson, Senior Director of R&D, Exicure

Who should attend:

Executives, Directors, VPs, Heads, Principals, Managers of:

-RNA Biology/Discovery

-Novel Therapeutic Modalities

-Innovation Technologies

-C-level Scientific Executives

-Formulation and Drug Delivery

-Clinical Research and Development

-Cell Biology



Additional Contact Info:

T: +44 (0)2 £200 0 7827 6154


LinkedIn: SMi Pharma

Twitter: @SMiPharma | #SMiOligonucleotides

Tél.: [+44 (0) 20 7827 6154];     Email.:
Small interfering RNA, siRNA, Antisense therapy, DNA, RNA, nucleic acid, mRNA, Micro RNA, RNA-induced silencing complex, RISC, Aptamers, oligonucleotide, peptide molecules, Immunogenicity, Drug pipeline, short interfering RNA, silencing RNA, RNA interference, RNAi, mRNA degradation
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SAE Media Group's 3rd Annual Wearable Injectors and Connected Devices Conference
10 nov 2022 - 11 nov 2022 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
SAE Media Group
SAE Media Group’s 3rd annual Wearable Injectors and Connected Devices Conference will explore on-body device design and development whilst also engaging in the latest advances in connectivity and digital health applications for wearable devices with industry perspectives from big pharma representatives. The conference will consider key developments in the wearable injectors field, including the enhanced demand for on-body injectors and digitalised health as the need for at home self-administration and routes for delivery of time-dependent, high volume and viscous drugs grow.
Tél.: [+44 (0) 20 7827 6020];     Email.:
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