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3D Cell Culture — SMi’s 5th Annual 3D Cell Culture Conference
10. Feb 2021 - 11. Feb 2021 • Online, Großbritannien
SMi Group
3D Cell Culture is gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical industry, with the global 3D Cell Culture market predicted to surpass a value of $3.2 Billion by 2027. Researchers globally are realising the potential of in vitro applications for drug discovery, predictivity and validation, safety, and toxicity. SMi’s 5th Annual 3D Cell Culture Conference will be covering the application of 3D cell culture to drug development, toxicity testing, and safety assurance. In addition, the conference will look into the newest breakthroughs in Organ Chip technology, 3D Multicellular scaffolding, Microphysiological Systems, and 3D Bioprinting. In recent years technological advances have made these technologies viable and accessible in scientific application.
Tel.: [02078276000];     Email: ssapal@smi-online.co.uk
Organ-on-chips, microfluidics, cell culture, 3D cell culture, 3D bioprinting, bioprinting, organoid, extracellular matrix, ECM, tissue engineering, physiochemical factors, cell-based assay, cytotoxicity, cell metabolic pathways, cancer research, molecular diagnostics, cell and gene therapy, microphysiological, co-culture systems complex in-vitro models, high throughput screening, 3D imaging, drug screening, extracellular matrix scaffolds, 3D drug development, regenerative therapies
Radiotherapy Physics Course — Accelerator Design, Radiobiology, Quality Assurance, Brachytherapy and Radiotherapy Imaging
02. Mär 2021 - 06. Mär 2021 • London, Großbritannien
The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)
This course provides practical and theoretical education for the support of a modern radiotherapy physics service within radiotherapy. It is aimed primarily at recently qualified radiotherapy physicists, but should also be invaluable to post-graduate students, researchers, clinical oncologists, engineers, radiographers, manufacturers’ representatives and in fact, anyone needing to deepen or update their understanding of this rapidly evolving field.
MIUA 2021 — 25th UK Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis
12. Jul 2021 - 14. Jul 2021 • Oxford, Großbritannien
MIUA is a UK-based international conference for the communication of image processing and analysis research and its application to medical imaging and biomedicine. This is a rapidly growing subject with ever increasing real-world applicability. MIUA welcomes all researchers in medical imaging including mathematicians, computer scientists, bioinformaticians, clinicians, engineers and bioscientists.

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