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14C and Diet — 3rd Radiocarbon & Diet Conference
13 sep 2021 - 16 sep 2021 • Oxford, Royaume-Uni
Oxford University, School of Archaeology
As in previous meetings the major focus of this workshop will be on aspects of past dietary adaptations of prehistoric human groups and the application of radiocarbon, coupled with stable isotopes that gives insight into past diet. There is growing awareness of the link between radiocarbon variation and dietary choice and the influence on the construction of reliable chronologies. We welcome presentations which apply diet-related stable isotopes to the archaeological past, including carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and sulphur, and link this with radiocarbon dating to understand more fully the chronology of sites and regions.
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The Once and Future English
10 mar 2022 - 12 mar 2022 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA
This conference begins with the notion that English is today used by about 1.5 billion people, less than a third of whom speak it as their first language. This minority-majority reversal has significantly impacted the grammatical characteristics of English, the demographics of the Anglophone population, the domains in which English is used, and attitudes towards the language, which has been described both as a venue for increased global communication and as a cultural and economic predator. The history of the language is being rewritten as well, from one defined by conventional periodization and the triumph of English as a Germanic language, to one that has reoriented the historical and contemporary significance of the language’s traditional homelands. The Once and Future English asks the question: How will English’s present and past look to future speakers?
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29th EAA Annual Meeting
30 aou 2023 - 02 sep 2023 • Belfast, Northern Ireland, Royaume-Uni
European Association of Archaeologists (EAA)
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