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ICI Meeting 2022 – the 27th premier International Conference for Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions
04 dec 2022 - 06 dec 2022 • Tel Aviv, Israël
ICI 2022
The ICI Meeting 2022 is an acclaimed forum that aims to explore fuel, spark, and be involved in the innovations that will shape the future of our cardiovascular systems and BEYOND. Over the last 2 decades, Israel has become a medical “start-up nation”. ICI’s dynamic environment which allows rich exchanges on innovations has contributed to this process by facilitating global interaction between physicians, entrepreneurs, academia, and industry and by building bridges leading to innovation. The ICI meeting is preceded by the ICI Academy of Innovation Day – a full-day pre-conference educational workshop satellite, which trains participants in the entire medical innovation process, and by the Digital Health Day, which will be organized by some of the famous and most successful VC’s in the field – a full-day pre-conference educational day, that will bring together medical professionals, international and local experts, and innovative companies in the field of digital medicine. We then continue to a 2-day conference focusing on advanced technologies to save hearts and lives. We challenge the horizons in coronary interventions, vascular interventions, transcatheter valvular therapies, stroke prevention/intervention, electrophysiology, cell therapy, and heart failure. The popular “Technology Parade” offers biomedical technology start-ups from around the world the opportunity to present their latest developments. The unique “Wall-to-Wall – East Meets West” sessions concentrate on China-Israeli cooperation in the field.
ICI 2022 Team;     Tél.: [972-55-885-2803];     Email.:
innovations, cardiovascular, medical, start-ups, physicians, entrepreneurs, medical, Health, digital medicine. coronary interventions, vascular interventions, transcatheter valvular therapies, stroke prevention, intervention, electrophysiology, cell therapy, heart failure. Israel
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