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CRSy22 — Champalimaud Research Symposium 2022 (CRSy22): Tumour microenvironment: from cancer initiation to metastasis
19 oct 2022 - 21 oct 2022 • Lisbon - hybrid, Portugal
Champalimaud Foundation
Cancer initiation and progression are orchestrated through local and systemic interactions between tumour and tumour-associated cells. A more detailed characterisation of these interactions has so far contributed to a new generation of antitumour strategies and to improved cancer prognosis. However, although we have gained increasing knowledge about the cellular and molecular constituents of tumour-promoting and tumour-suppressing microenvironments, an accurate map delineating the role of each of these constituents remains unavailable. By bringing together experts who have greatly contributed to our understanding of the tumour microenvironment, the Champalimaud Research Symposium 2022 (#CRSy22) will provide access to the most recent developments in basic and clinical research in this complex area. CRSy22 will take the form of a single-track scientific meeting with 18 invited speakers, talks selected from abstracts and 2 poster sessions, among other networking and social activities. The hybrid format will give delegates the option to attend and present their work either in-person or online.
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Tumour Microenvironment, Cancer Research, Cancer Initiation, Metabolism, Cancer Progression, Metastasis, Therapy, Cancer Immunity
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EASL meeting — Liver Cancer Summit 2023
06 avr 2023 - 08 avr 2023 • Estoril, Portugal
The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)
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Animal Models of Cancer Conference
18 jul 2023 - 21 jul 2023 • Lisbonne, Portugal
Fusion Conferences
This conference will focus on three major areas: First, it will present new approaches to generate precise and complex genetic alterations in mice and other animals to better “humanize” models and allow for in vivo studies of cancer gene function. Second, it will highlight studies to investigate fundamental mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression, including the cell of origin of tumors, their evolution, their metabolism, and their interactions with the immune system. Finally, the meeting will explore how genetically engineered animal models can help evaluate the efficacy of novel therapeutic approaches and to decipher mechanisms of therapeutic resistance.
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19 mai 2023
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