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Stem Cell Biology, Cancer Plasticity, and Therapeutic Potential
25 avr 2023 - 26 avr 2023 • Virtual event (accessible worldwide), Virtuel (en ligne)
European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)
This virtual conference will share recent advancements in tissue stem cells biology and the link to cancer heterogenicity and plasticity. Using a variety of experimental model systems, the conference offers a holistic view of the molecular programs of cellular plasticity (both cell-intrinsic and microenvironmental) which drive healthy stem cell functions as well as cancer growth. Increased knowledge on the abnormal stemness behaviour holds the potential for novel therapeutic interventions against cancer. Key topics include the fundamentals of tissue stem cells biology, stem cell niches and aging, and the drivers of cellular plasticity in cancer.
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tissue stem cells, cancer plasticity, cancer heterogenicity, cancer research, cancer therapies, experimental model systems, cellular plasticity, molecular programs, cell-intrinsic plasticity, microenvironmental cellular plasticity, abnormal stemness behaviour, stem cell niches, stem cell aging, oncology.
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EACR Early Career Researchers’ Conference
27 jui 2023 - 28 jui 2023 • Virtual event (accessible worldwide), Virtuel (en ligne)
The European Association for Cancer Research
This highly interactive, workshop-style online conference will cover a broad range of topics, particularly focusing on the personal experiences of our invited speakers and their practical advice on the career-related questions early-career researchers have told us they have. Topics include mental health, gender in research, successful paper-writing, and tips for securing funding, network building, and finding your career path. This is the third edition of this conference and there will be plenty of chances to turn on your camera and mic to speak directly with the experts.

The target audience for this conference is scientists in the early phase of their career who want to develop a career in cancer research. The programme is tailored for scientists in the process of starting their independent path, as well as for researchers engaging with the clinical and industrial applications of their work.

Speakers: Arianna Baggiolini (Institute of Oncology Research, Switzerland), Maria Caffarel (Biodonostia, Spain), Arkaltz Carracedo (CIC bioGUNE, Spain), Sankari Nagarajan (University of Manchester, UK), Elisa Oricchio (EPFL, Switzerland)

Registration deadline: 29 May 2023

early career research, basic cancer research career, translational cancer research career, clinical cancer research, industrial cancer research cancer research, career advice, oncology
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