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Diabetes and Its Complications — Diabetes and Its Complications
04 nov 2021 - 06 nov 2021 • Boston, États-Unis
Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
This course is designed to provide comprehensive updates, practice recommendations, and the newest evidence-based strategies for the treatment and care of the person with or at risk for diabetes. In addition, this course provides state-of-the-art approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes comorbidities and complications. You will leave with practical information that you can use now to provide exceptional patient care.
Harvard Medical School;     Tél.: [617-384-8600];     Email.:
Insulin initiation and intensification: which insulins to choose and why Understanding the new insulins, glucose monitors, and pumps Treating people with type 2 diabetes who are not achieving therapeutic goals Office-based assessment and treatment of comorbidities and complications Individualizing multifaceted approaches to lifestyle modification and weight management Personalizing nutrition plans and exercise prescriptions Cardiovascular risk reduction and care Optimal management of neuropathies and foot disease Managing diabetes in high-risk populations, including pregnant patients and the elderly Understanding the evolving concepts and treatments that will soon impact your day-to-day practice Communicating with, motivating, and sharing resources with patients
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Thyroid Cancer & Parathyroid Disease Update 2021 - Virtual Meeting
10 dec 2021 • Virtual Meeting, États-Unis
Thomas Jefferson University
The Jefferson Thyroid Cancer and Parathyroid Disease Update 2021: Updates in Diagnosis and Treatment offers participants a unique opportunity to virtually witness experts deliberate and debate how they would manage a patient’s thyroid cancer and parathyroid diseases. This active learning format features critical deliberations regarding patient cases, clinical findings, differential diagnoses, and management plan options. Participants will examine cases from multiple perspectives, and gain an in-depth understanding of how experienced healthcare providers approach difficult patient care decisions. Keynote Lectures from leading practitioners provide evidence for care decisions discussed in panels which will increase confidence in diagnostic and treatment decision making for participants.
Office of Continuing Professional Development;     Tél.: [2159556992];     Email.:
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Gordon Research Seminar — Epigenomics of Diabetes and Other Metabolic Diseases
16 jul 2022 - 17 jul 2022 • Ventura, États-Unis
Gordon Research Conference — Epigenomics of Diabetes and Other Metabolic Diseases
17 jul 2022 - 22 jul 2022 • Ventura, États-Unis
Gordon Research Conference — Hypothalamus
24 jul 2022 - 29 jul 2022 • Ventura, États-Unis
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