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Gordon Research Seminar — CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders
10 jui 2023 - 11 jui 2023 • Mount Snow, West Dover, VT, États-Unis
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10 jui 2023 - 14 jui 2023 • Norfolk, VA, États-Unis
Society for In Vitro Biology
The Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) is heading to Norfolk, Virginia for the 2023 SIVB Annual Meeting for the first time ever and you can be part of it! Founded nearly 80 years ago as the Tissue Culture Association, the SIVB is fostering the exchange of knowledge of in vitro biology of cells, tissues, and organs from both the plant and animal kingdoms, including humans. The SIVB furthers biotechnology research to understand biology at the cellular and developmental level, and promotes, expands and supports the scientific knowledge base for the benefit of society as a whole. The scientific program will provide both state-of-the-art scientific research and core fundamentals presented by speakers you won’t want to miss. This year’s plenary topics include: Microbiomes, Product Development, Spatial Biology, Biotechnology for Sustainability, and Diversity in Science.
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Biotechnology, gene editing, CRISPR, cell culture, tissue culture, organoid
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Gordon Research Conference — CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders
11 jui 2023 - 16 jui 2023 • Mount Snow, West Dover, VT, États-Unis
The ongoing identification of viable disease-modifying therapies is critically dependent on basic research that defines the fundamental mechanisms underlying pathogenesis. New insights are uncovering mechanisms that are common among diseases as well as those that may underpin specific aspects of each disease. Common mechanisms also extend beyond CAG repeat expansion disorders to those caused by expansions in other types of repeats. The multiple-disease nature of this conference allows cross-fertilization of research from one disease to another, enhancing our understanding of both underlying biology and therapeutic opportunities. At the 2023 Gordon Research Conference on CAG Triplet Repeat Disorders we will hear from researchers at the cutting edge of defining basic disease mechanisms and those working on clinical translation and therapeutic trials. The conference will explore the wide variety of pathobiological dysfunction that can occur at the level of DNA, RNA or protein species, mechanistic intersections among repeat expansion diseases, and emerging technologies that open doors to new repeat disease discovery, diagnosis and enhanced resolution of underlying pathogenic pathways.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Human Genetics and Genomics
08 jul 2023 - 09 jul 2023 • Waterville Valley, NH , États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Human Genetics and Genomics
09 jul 2023 - 14 jul 2023 • Waterville Valley, NH , États-Unis
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