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Gordon Research Conference — Quantum Biology
19 mar 2023 - 24 mar 2023 • Galveston, TX, États-Unis
Over the last decade or so, the field of quantum biology has been propelled by experimental and theoretical efforts that have led to remarkable discoveries at the interfaces of traditional disciplines (e.g., biology, chemistry and physics). Evidence suggests that subtle quantum effects may shape biological processes and functions in living organisms, as exemplified by photosynthesis, enzyme catalysed reactions, and magnetic field effects on spin-dependent reactions in biology, to name a few. This is an exciting and emerging science of the 21st century, where there are many fascinating, fundamental questions that will inspire new ways to better understand and enhance health and medicine.
Emerging Methodologies to Investigate Quantum Effects in Biology
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Faraday Discussion — Astrochemistry at high resolution
31 mai 2023 - 02 jui 2023 • Baltimore, Maryland, États-Unis
Royal Society of Chemistry
The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers from astronomy, gas-phase, solid state and surface physics, and chemistry communities to address the wide-ranging roles of chemistry in astronomy in the light of the wealth of observational detail becoming available in this era of high resolution astrochemistry. Our window on the universe is being opened more widely as new observational platforms are developed that will overcome the limitations of resources currently available to astronomers. Together we will address the role of chemical spectroscopy in identifying chemical species and probing their environments; we will attempt to understand the interplay of gas-phase, surface, solid state and photochemically-induced processes that drive the chemical evolution of our Galaxy and others; how this chemical evolution is intimately involved in controlling the process of star and planet formation; and how chemistry brings us to the edge of biology.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Physical Organic Chemistry
24 jui 2023 - 25 jui 2023 • Holderness School, Holderness, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Physical Organic Chemistry
25 jui 2023 - 30 jui 2023 • Holderness School, Holderness, États-Unis
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