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Mathematics of Voting and Representation — A Mathematics for Humanity Workshop
10 jui 2024 - 14 jui 2024 • Edinburgh , Royaume-Uni
ICMS - International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
In broad terms, this workshop will be centered on topics that lie in the intersection of mathematics and democracy. There are various strands of activity in this area, some more recent and some classical; for example, modern social choice theory has been around in some form since the 1780s, while rigorous mathematical approaches to districting are a recent development. Despite the differences in history and techniques, topics such as voting, representation, and districting have a common thread – they are motivated by the notion that mathematics can play an important role in making democracy work better for everyone. There is consequently a growing awareness that interweaving the research – and consequently the events featuring it – in these areas is desirable and necessary. This workshop will be guided by this principle.
This workshop aims to be interdisciplinary, bringing together researchers in the fields of computer science, economics, mathematics, and political science. The main themes of the workshop will be · Social Choice (theoretical and computational) · Proportional representation · Districting
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02 sep 2024 - 05 sep 2024 • Brighton, Royaume-Uni
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