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Workshop on Integral Equations and Operator Theory
18 mai 2020 - 22 mai 2020 • Reading, Royaume-Uni
University of Reading
This workshop brings together experts in the areas of integral equations and operator theory who use methods of complex analysis, linear algebra, functional analysis and numerical analysis to address problems in mathematical physics, random matrix theory and engineering.
integral equations, operator theory, complex analysis, linear algebra, functional analysis, numerical analysis, mathematical physics, random matrix theory
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MINLP workshop — Mixed-integer nonlinear optimisation
11 jui 2020 - 12 jui 2020 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
Imperial College, London
Mixed-integer nonlinear optimisation (MINLP) combines the modelling capabilities of mixed-integer linear programming with nonlinear programming into a flexible framework for dealing with a large variety of optimisation problems. The MINLP Workshop brings together world-leading researcher in the field of mixed-integer nonlinear optimisation, and covers topics ranging from theoretical and algorithmic advances to industrial applications. The workshop is held at the South Kensington Campus at Imperial College right in the centre of London.
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Metric Geometry and Geometric Analysis
06 jul 2020 - 17 jul 2020 • University of Oxford, Royaume-Uni
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI)
The purpose of the summer school is to introduce graduate students to key mainstream directions in the recent development of geometry, which sprang from Riemannian Geometry in an attempt to use its methods in various contexts of non-smooth geometry. This concerns recent developments in metric generalizations of the theory of nonpositively curved spaces and discretizations of methods in geometry, geometric measure theory and global analysis. The metric geometry perspective gave rise to new results and problems in Riemannian Geometry as well.
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PAD'21 — Probability, Analysis and Dynamics '21
07 avr 2021 - 09 avr 2021 • Bristol, Royaume-Uni
This is the third event of a series of conferences featuring talks by leading researchers in the three areas who are also capable of conveying their message to the audience coming from various regions of these fields. Beside the leading senior figures we also invite as speakers a smaller number of younger colleagues who have already shown their lion's claws.
Probability, Analysis, Dynamical systems
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