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Workshop CATW04 — CAT Follow On
24 jul 2023 - 28 jul 2023 • Cambridge , Royaume-Uni
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI)
The "Complex analysis: techniques, applications and computations" (CAT) programme of 2019 brought together participants from diverse geographical and scientific communities to develop and apply complex analysis to a host of problems from areas including pure and applied mathematics, physics, engineering, and medicine. The Follow-On workshop is an opportunity to consolidate the achievements of the CAT programme and enhance its impact. Its first main goal will be to assess the progress that has taken place in the key thematic areas of the programme. The second main goal will be to formulate new open problems for the community to address in subsequent years. Finally, the workshop will also provide an opportunity to establish new collaborations. The workshop will mirror the structure of the original thematic programme and will cover the following three main overlapping areas: (1) Techniques of complex analysis, including, but not limited to, connections with classical, harmonic and asymptotic analysis, new transform methods, advances in the Wiener–Hopf and Riemann–Hilbert problems; (2) Applications of complex analysis, highlighting connections with diverse areas of modern physics and applied sciences as well as engineering; and n(3) computational complex analysis, including a range of topics bridging mathematical foundations of various numerical techniques and their software implementations.
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Analytical and Combinatorial Methods in Quantum Information Theory II
24 jul 2023 - 28 jul 2023 • ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS)
This event is a continuation of the first ICMS workshop held at ICMS on the same topic, in September 2019, and will build upon the existing links between operator algebras, quantum theory and optimisation.
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LMS-Bath Symposium on Operators, Asymptotics, Waves
24 jul 2023 - 03 aou 2023 • Bath , Royaume-Uni
University of Bath | London Mathematical Society (LMS)
The mathematical study of wave propagation in continuous media and its applications have been areas of strength in the UK over a number of decades: several UK mathematics departments host related research groups with long-established traditions. This symposium will provide a bird’s-eye view of the three mentioned areas, identify areas of existing contact between them, and develop plans for building links between problems with common underpinning mechanisms.
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INMS Workshop — MoDiS 2023: Modelling Diffusive Systems
11 sep 2023 - 15 sep 2023 • ICMS, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
ICMS - International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts from different communities to cover the investigation of diffusive systems from several viewpoints: analytically, combining methods and techniques from Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and dynamical systems to derive and analyse mathematical models for the applied phenomena; numerically, reviewing the most recent techniques and software for the computation of bifurcation diagrams and continuation with respect to the systems’ parameters; and, last but not least, from the applied — in particular biological — viewpoint: a constant exchange of knowledge between the theoretical investigations and the experimental data is in fact crucial in order to advance the research in this area. Our speakers will illustrate the most recent advancements in these fields, and foster the creation of new research directions with a concluding description of three open research questions aimed at colleagues working in fields different from their own. This will allow researchers with different backgrounds to learn ultimate techniques, connect with experts from various areas, and collaborate with fellow participants to produce new, cutting-edge research.
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