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AICAS 2020 — 2nd IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems
23 mar 2020 - 25 mar 2020 • Genova, Italie
Artificial Intelligence is driving a new revolution in domains ranging from manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, robotics, entertainment, and many others. New computing platforms are required to support the emerging AI algorithms and applications, from cloud servers to edge devices, from system level to circuit level. AICAS facilitates research, innovation and development activities at the frontiers of circuits and systems for AI. It allows academia to meet industry from the international community to exchange experiences, demonstrate their studies and further advance AI technologies. AICAS is the major conference for AI that stands between theory, applications, and ASICs. The theme of AICAS2020 is “Circuits and systems for efficient embedded AI”, revolving around the development of hardware and computational strategies towards an increase in system efficiency that supports efficient, embedded, smart applications (such as mobile, robotics, automotive).
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  AVI 2020   —  International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces  
09 jui 2020 - 12 jui 2020 •  Island of Ischia, Italie
Since 1992, AVI has been a biennial appointment for a wide international community of experts with a broad range of backgrounds. Through out more than two decades, the Conference has attracted leading researchers of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from all over the world, offering a forum to present and disseminate new technological results, paradigms and visions for HCI and user interfaces. Because of advanced technology and new possibilities for user interaction, AVI has broadened the topics it covers, still keeping its main focus on the conception, design, implementation and evaluation of novel visual interfaces.
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  ICVSS 2020   —  International Computer Vision Summer School Perception, Learning and Action  
12 jul 2020 - 18 jul 2020 •  Punta Sampieri, Sicily, Italie
The fourteenth edition of the International Computer Vision Summer School aims to provide both an objective and clear overview and an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art research in Computer Vision. The last decade has seen a revolution in the theory and application of computer vision and machine learning. The next decade will see machine perception in embodied systems which learn representations for and from action and interaction. The courses will be delivered by world renowned experts in the field, from both academia and industry, and will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of real Computer Vision problems as well as examples of their successful commercialization
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  SPR+SSPR 2020   —  Joint Workshops on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition Workshop  
08 sep 2020 - 11 sep 2020 •  Padova, Italie
S+SSPR 2020 is a joint biannual event organized by Technical Committee 1 (Statistical Pattern Recognition Technique) and Technical Committee 2 (Structural and Syntactical Pattern Recognition) of the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR). Following the trend of previous editions, S+SSPR 2020 will be held in close proximity and shortly before the International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR).
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  ICPR 2020   —  International Conference on Pattern Recognition  
13 sep 2020 •  Milan, Italie
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ICPR 2020 — 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition
13 sep 2020 - 18 sep 2020 • Milan, Italie
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