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Visualizing Biological Data
24 mar 2021 - 26 mar 2021 • Heidelberg – online, Allemagne
VIZBI 2021 is the 11th international meeting on Visualizing Biological Data. It will be held as an EMBL virtual conference, from March 24–26. The conference will feature talks from 21 world-leading researchers showcasing visualizations transforming how life scientists view data, and driving key advances in molecular biology, systems biology, biomedical science, and ecology.
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life science, data, ecology, biology
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Eurographics’2021 — 42nd Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics
03 mai 2021 • Vienne, n’importe où (en ligne)
Technische Universität Wien, Research Unit of Computer Graphics
Eurographics’2021, the 42nd Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics, will take place on May 3 − 7, 2021. It is organized by the Research Unit of Computer Graphics at TU Wien. Eurographics’2021 is a unique platform for the computer graphics community to showcase latest techniques and educational work, and to explore new trends and ideas.
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Eurographics 2021 — Eurographics Annual Conference
03 mai 2021 - 07 mai 2021 • Vienne, Autriche
This is the major annual computer graphics conference in Europe. It brings together graphics experts from around the world to describe the latest developments. It offers an ideal opportunity to find out what is happening and to meet the people behind the developments. There are also courses at both introductory and advanced levels for managers and technical staff, offering a cost-effective training mechanism for specialised subjects.
computer graphics hardware, software, and applications
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QoMEX 2021 — 13th International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience
14 jui 2021 - 17 jui 2021 • Montreal, Canada
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CBMI 2021 — Content-Based Multimedia Indexing
28 jui 2021 - 30 jui 2021 • Villeneuve d'Ascq, France
CRIStAL laboratory at University of Lille
CBMI aims at bringing together the various communities involved in all aspects of content-based multimedia indexing for retrieval, browsing, management, visualization and analytics. The eighteenth edition of CBMI will be organized by the CRIStAL laboratory at University of Lille, Lille, France, following the successful previous editions of Toulouse 1999, Brescia 2001, Rennes 2003, Riga 2005, Bordeaux 2007, London 2008, Chania 2009, Grenoble 2010, Madrid 2011, Annecy 2012, Veszprem 2013, Klagenfurt 2014, Prague 2015, Bucharest 2016, Firenze 2017, La Rochelle 2018, and Dublin 2019.
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ICME 2021 — IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
05 jul 2021 - 09 jul 2021 • Shenzhen, Chine
With around 1,000 submissions and 500 participants each year, the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) has been the flagship multimedia conference sponsored by four IEEE societies since 2000. It serves as a forum to promote the exchange of the latest advances in multimedia technologies, systems, and applications from both the research and development perspectives of the circuits and systems, communications, computer, and signal processing communities. In 2021, an Exposition of multimedia products, prototypes and animations will be held in conjunction with the conference.
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ICMR 2021 — ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval
12 jul 2021 - 15 jul 2021 • Taipei, Taïwan
Effectively and efficiently retrieving information based on user needs is one of the most exciting areas in multimedia research. The Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) offers a great opportunity for exchanging leading-edge multimedia retrieval ideas among researchers, practitioners and other potential users of multimedia retrieval systems.
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SIGGRAPH 2021 — ACM SIGGRAPH Annual Conference
01 aou 2021 - 05 aou 2021 • Online, États-Unis
The Premier Conference & Exhibition In Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques
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CoG 2021 — 3rd IEEE Conference on Games
17 aou 2021 - 20 aou 2021 • Copenhagen, Danemark
The annual IEEE Conference on Games (IEEE CoG) seeks to share insights and cutting-edge research related to game technologies and design, covering scientific, technical, and human aspects of games. The Conference on Games (CoG) evolves from the traditional Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG) to bring together leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry in the field of Games, to discuss recent advances and explore future directions.
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MIPR 2021 — IEEE 4th International Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval
08 sep 2021 - 10 sep 2021 • Tokyo, Japon
Huge amounts of multimedia data are increasingly available and the knowledge of spatial and/or temporal phenomena becomes critical for many applications, which requires techniques for the processing, analysis, search, mining, and management of multimedia data. The 4th IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval (IEEE-MIPR 2021) will take place in Tokyo, Japan on September 8-10, 2021. The conference will provide a forum for original research contributions and practical system design, implementation, and applications of multimedia information processing and retrieval. The target audiences will be university researchers, scientists, industry professionals, software engineers and graduate students who need to become acquainted with new theories and technologies in multimedia information processing and retrieval.
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ICIAP 2021 — 21st International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing
13 sep 2021 - 17 sep 2021 • Lecce, Italie
ICIAP 2021 is the 21st edition of a series of conferences organized every two years by the Italian Association for Research in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (CVPL, ex GIRPR) which is part of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). The focus of the conference is on both classic and recent trends in computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing, and covers both theoretical and applicative aspects
Video Analysis & Understanding, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Multiview Geometry and 3D Computer Vision, Image Analysis, Detection and Recognition, Multimedia; Biomedical and Assistive Technology, Digital Forensics and Biometrics, Image Processing for Cultural Heritage, Robot Vision; Brave new Ideas;
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ACMMM 2021 — ACM Multimedia
20 oct 2021 - 24 oct 2021 • Chengdu, Chine
Since the founding of ACM SIGMM in 1993, ACM Multimedia has been the worldwide premier conference and a key world event to display scientific achievements and innovative industrial products in the multimedia field. For the first time in its history, ACM Multimedia 2021 will be held in Chengdu, the capital city of the Sichuan Province in China. At ACM Multimedia 2021, we will present an extensive program consisting of technical sessions covering all aspects of the multimedia field via oral, video and poster presentations, tutorials, panels, exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, doctoral symposium, multimedia grand challenge, brave new ideas on shaping the research landscape, open source software competition, and also an interactive arts program stimulating artists and computer scientists to meet and discover together the frontiers of artistic communication. We will also add the industrial track to recognize those research works with significant industrial values.
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