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E-energy — Tenth ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems
25 jui 2019 - 28 jui 2019 • Phoenix AZ, États-Unis
The Tenth ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems (ACM e-Energy) and its co-located workshops, to be held in Phoenix, AZ, United States from 25th to 28th of June 2019, aim to be the premier venue for researchers working in the broad areas of computing and communication for smart energy systems (including smart grids, smart buildings, and smart cities), and in energy-efficient computing and communication systems.
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EPIC 2019 — 2019 Electric Power Industry Conference
28 oct 2019 • Pittsburgh, États-Unis
Pitt Grid Institute and the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania
The Electric Power Industry Conference at the Swanson School of Engineering continues to lead the way in exploring energy production and delivery potential.
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CIGRE USA — 2019 Grid of the Future
03 nov 2019 - 06 nov 2019 • Atlanta, États-Unis
The Grid of the Future Symposium, sponsored by the CIGRE US National Committee (USNC) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and with the theme Technology for the 21st Century Electric Utility, will be held November 3–6, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
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IEEE PES — 2020 Joint Techincal Committee Meeting
13 jan 2020 - 17 jan 2020 • Garden Grove, CA, États-Unis
The purpose of the IEEE PES Joint Technical Committee Meeting is to provide a forum where PES technical committees can meet for up to 5 days to focus on technical matters and standards - the primary work of committees, subcommittees, working groups, and/or task forces - without the distractions of the unrelated elements generally found at other PES meetings or expositions.
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IEEE ISGT NA 2020 — 2020 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference
17 fév 2020 - 20 fév 2020 • Washington, DC, États-Unis
IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES)
The Eleventh Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT 2020), sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES), will be held February 17-20, 2020 at the Grand Hyatt Washington, Washington D.C.
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T&D — 2020 IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition
19 avr 2020 - 23 avr 2020 • Chicago, IL, États-Unis
Bi-Annual IEEE PES T&D conference. Largest T&D conference in North America.
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T&D 2020 — 2020 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition
20 avr 2020 - 25 avr 2020 • Chicago, IL, États-Unis
The opportunity to participate in what will help shape energy solutions for years to come is here. The IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition is coming to Chicago, April 20–23, 2020 and power and energy industry professionals from across the world are invited to submit papers, panels, and tutorials on their innovative ideas, research and development, application experience and expertise.
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REPC — 2020 IEEE Rural Electric Power Conference
25 avr 2020 - 30 avr 2020 • San Antonio, TX, États-Unis
The IEEE Rural Electric Power Conference exists to provide a technical platform for the exchange of pertinent and relevant technical knowledge within the rural electrical utility industry to the practicing utility engineer or technician that is working for a rural cooperative, an investor owned, or a municipal electric utility. Consulting engineers, manufacturers, and educators involved in medium and high voltage electric power system planning, design or component development are also encouraged to engage in networking and to contribute with their knowledge on advanced technologies and application methods as part of the conference forum.
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