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Comparative Prime Number Theory Symposium
17. Jun 2024 - 21. Jun 2024 • Vancouver, BC, Kanada
The “Comparative Prime Number Theory” symposium is one of the highlight events organized by the PIMS-funded Collaborative Research Group (CRG) “L-functions in Analytic Number Theory”. It is a one-week event taking place on the UBC campus in Vancouver, B.C., Canada from June 17–21, 2024. Comparative prime number theory certainly includes prime number races, both classical (Chebyshev's bias) and over number fields and function fields. It also broadly includes the distribution of zeros of L-functions associated with these prime counting functions, including topics related to the Linear Independence hypothesis (LI) on the imaginary parts of those zeros, as well as general oscillations of number-theoretic error terms.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Analytic Number Theory and Arithmetic Statistics
26. Aug 2024 - 30. Aug 2024 • Université de Montréal, Kanada
Chantal David has made important and original contributions to our understanding of arithmetic, in topics such as elliptic curves, abelian varieties, families of curves over finite fields and zeroes of L-functions. There are many facets to her work, which involves arithmetic statistics, analytic number theory, and random matrix theory. By her roles as a leader and a mentor, Chantal David has been a leading inspiration for progress in analytic number theory in Canada. The aim of this meeting is to focus on current hot topics in analytic number theory, celebrating her contributions to the field, and her importance in our community.
Quebec-Maine Number Theory Conference 2024
05. Okt 2024 - 06. Okt 2024 • Université Laval, Quebec, Kanada
In 1998, number theorists at Université Laval and the University of Maine founded the Maine/Québec Conference on Number Theory and Related Topics. Since then it has been held annually on a weekend in early Fall (except 2001, when the conference was cancelled due to the attacks that September). We invite number theorists and mathematicians in related areas from New England, eastern Canada, and beyond to speak about their research and discuss ideas for future work. Each year there is a change in venue: odd years at UMaine, even years at U. Laval.

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