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3rd Chromosomal Instability as a Driver of Human Disease Conference
05. Okt 2020 - 08. Okt 2020 • Lissabon, Portugal
In this conference, we aim to bring together scientists studying DNA replication, DNA repair and chromosome segregation with those interested in how chromosomal instability can influence human pathology. Moreover, we aim to show how high throughput and high content screening methods can be used as a discovery tool both for basic science applications and to identify potential therapeutic modalities.
Conference Manager;     Tel.: [00441638724137];     Email: admin@fusion-conferences.com
DNA Repair, DNA damage, DNA replication, genome maintenance pathways, Chromosome instability, tumorigenesis, neurodegeneration, ageing, cancer
JCS2021 — Cell Dynamics: Host-Pathogen Interface
23. Mai 2021 - 26. Mai 2021 • Lissabon, Portugal
The Company of Biologists Ltd
This meeting will be the third instalment of our highly successful Cellular Dynamics Meeting Series, and will focus on ‘Host-Pathogen Interface’. Intracellular pathogens highjack and use the cellular systems of their unwilling hosts to ensure their continued survival, replication and spread. The relative simplicity of many pathogens and the ability to manipulate them genetically has made them ideal model systems to analyse fundamental cellular and biological processes, including cell death and innate immunity. This meeting represents a unique opportunity to bring together many different experts working at the interface between cell biology and a diverse range of pathogens. With talks from an outstanding list of speakers and selected delegates, we hope to educate and inspire PIs, postdocs and students and to delve further into this important area of research.
Membrane trafficking and organelles Phagocytosis and pathogen entry Cytoskeleton Innate Immunity and pathogen sensing Advanced imaging Autophagy and cell death
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