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AlgalBBB 2023 — International Conference on Algal Biomass Biofuels and Bioproducts
12. Jun 2023 - 14. Jun 2023 • Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii, Vereinigte Staaten
The conference will cover all areas of emerging technologies in all areas of algal research, including microalgae, macroalgae, and cyanobacteria: biology, biotechnology, biomass production, cultivation, harvesting, extraction, biorefinery, feedstock conversion into fuels, high value products, econometrics, and sustainability analyses. In 2023, we look forward to hearing about the new emphasis on seaweed-based systems, engineering advances, molecular characterization technologies (e.g., genomics, proteomics, metabolomics), strain engineering technologies for biofuels and high value products and pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, photobioreactor design and control systems, and new technologies in characterization and analysis, among others.
Einsendeschluss für Abstracts:
27. Jan 2023
Gordon Research Seminar — Natural Products and Bioactive Compounds
29. Jul 2023 - 30. Jul 2023 • Proctor Academy, Andover, NH, Vereinigte Staaten
The study of natural products and bioactive compounds has had far reaching impacts from chemistry to biology, basic research to applications. As we study their synthesis in both biological and laboratory settings, we fill in gaps in the reported literature and become inspired by the possibilities of unexplored chemical space. In this way, natural product research has led to advancements across disciplines, including development of new synthetic methodologies, implementation of new technologies to enable their isolation and preparation, and increased understanding of the biosynthetic pathways and biological targets that underpin their bioactivity. Given their role of inspiration and innovation, it is no surprise that natural products play an important role in drug discovery, with many therapeutics being either derived from or inspired by natural products.
Natural Products as a Source of Inspiration in Chemistry and Biology
Gordon Research Conference — Natural Products and Bioactive Compounds
30. Jul 2023 - 04. Aug 2023 • Proctor Academy, Andover, NH, Vereinigte Staaten
The 70th Gordon Conference on Natural products and Bioactive Compounds will bring together academic and industrial leaders in the fields of natural product chemical and biological synthesis, pathway biology, isolation, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, and chemical methods. Leaders from these disciplines will gather to discuss new breakthroughs in science and be given significant opportunities to interact with each other in both scientific and social settings.
Natural Products: Inspiring Innovation in Chemistry, Biology and the Discovery of New Medicines
Agricultural Film North America – 2023 — Exploring innovations in silage, mulch and greenhouse films for enhanced crop productivity and preservation
15. Aug 2023 - 16. Aug 2023 • Houston, TX, Vereinigte Staaten
Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI)
The Agricultural Film event, taking place on August 15-16, 2023, in Houston, TX, USA, uncovers the latest innovations in chemistry, production and application, all of which are helping to improve traditional materials used in farming environments and reduce the ecological footprint of agricultural practices.
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