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5 Day Workshop at BIRS — Model Theory of Differential Equations, Algebraic Geometry, and their Applications to Modeling
31 mai 2020 - 05 jui 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
The goals of this workshop include bringing together researchers who work with actual modelers and modeling problems and researchers working more on the theoretical side. This will stimulate interactions resulting in the emergence of new and significant improvement in existing applications of differential algebra, applied algebraic geometry, and model theory to modeling.
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Interactions of gauge theory with contact and symplectic topology in dimensions 3 and 4
07 jui 2020 - 12 jui 2020 • Banff, Canada
Banff International Research Station
The Banff International Research Station will host the "Interactions of gauge theory with contact and symplectic topology in dimensions 3 and 4" workshop in Banff from June 7 to June 12, 2020. This workshop will highlight new results in low-dimensional topology coming from a wide range of geometric methods. Low-dimensional topology studies the global properties of geometric spaces in dimensions 3 and 4, such as 3-dimensional space and 4-dimensional space-time.
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ARTA VIII — Advances in Representation Theory of Algebras 2020
15 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • Kingston, Canada
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
Structure of finite dimensional algebras Structure of module categories Auslander--Reiten components Homological methods in representation theory Homological conjectures Algebras of finite global dimension Self-injective algebras Tame algebras Combinatorial aspects of representation theory Geometry of algebras and modules Homological invariants of algebras and modules Triangulated categories and tilting theory Relations of the above topics with Lie theory, Singularity theory, Cohen--Macaulay modules, quantum groups and other algebraic structures.
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Geometric Representation Theory
22 jui 2020 - 26 jui 2020 • Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada
This will be a twinnd conference held simultaneously at Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada and Max Planck Institute in Bonn, Germany. The two venues will be connected by live video streams, during both the talks themselves as well as informal discussion sessions. The concept of the twinned conference is motivated by the desire to reduce environmental impact of conference travels. Our hope is that this initiative will help reduce transatlantic flights, while still promoting long distance interactions.
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Modern Breakthroughs in Diophantine Problems
30 aou 2020 - 04 sep 2020 • Banff, Canada
Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery
An equation is called Diophantine if whole number or fractional solutions are sought. Diophantine equations are named after Diophantus of Alexandria, a 3rd century mathematician and were popularized by Pierre de Fermat, a 17th century lawyer and amateur mathematician. Unlike most branches of mathematics, many Diophantine questions and theorems can be understood and appreciated by the general public, and the subject is a favourite with popularizers of mathematics. The methods for tackling Diophantine equations are however deep and varied, and the subject has recently experienced an explosion of new directions and results. This workshop will bring together experts and young scholars to explore these new directions and stimulate further research into Diophantine problems.
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5 Day Workshop at BIRS — Algebraic Dynamics and its Connections to Difference and Differential Equations
08 nov 2020 - 13 nov 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
The field of algebraic dynamics has emerged over the past two decades at the confluence of algebraic geometry, discrete dynamical systems, and diophantine geometry. In recent work, striking connections have been observed between algebraic dynamics and much older theories of difference and differential equations. This meeting brings together mathematicians with expertise in such diverse fields as ring theory, complex dynamics, differential and difference algebra, combinatorics and algebraic geometry. New work towards the dynamical Mordell-Lang and dense orbit conjectures as well as theorems on hypertranscendence and functional independence proven by connecting difference Galois theory, algebraic dynamics and other algebraic approaches to the study offunctional equations will be presented at this meeting.
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