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CIENPI 2023 — 15th China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry
14 avr 2023 - 16 avr 2023 • Pékin, Chine
CIENPI covers the whole nuclear power industry chain, i.e. from nuclear island to conventional island, from exploration of nuclear raw materials to power transmission and transformation, from nuclear power design & construction to operation & management, from hardware (equipment production) to software (investment), from nuclear safety to the public acceptance of nuclear power.


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ISFNT-15 — 15th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology
23 avr 2023 - 28 avr 2023 • Hefei, Chine
The International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT) is one of the most important international events organized with the aim to foster interactions among scientists and engineers, to exchange information on all scientific and engineering aspects of fusion nuclear science and technology. The symposium covers both near-term fusion devices and long-term reactor fusion nuclear science and technologies. We encourage contributions related to science, engineering, facilities, experiments, modeling, analysis, design and safety, and any other research related with fusion nuclear technology.
1) Plasma-Facing High Heat Flux Components 2) Blanket Technology 3) Fuel Cycle and Tritium Processing 4) Material Engineering for FNT 5) Vacuum Vessel and Ex-vessel Systems 6) Nuclear System Design 7) Safety Issues and Waste Management 8) Models and Experiments for FNT 9) Repair and Maintenance 10) Burning Plasma Control and Operation 11) Inertial Confinement Fusion Studies and Technologies 12) Fission-Fusion Synergy and Cross Cutting Technologies
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30 sep 2022
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ICG-EAC Annual Meeting 2023
07 mai 2023 - 12 mai 2023 • Kingston, Ontario, Chine
ICG-EAC, the International Cooperative Group on Environmentally-Assisted Cracking of Water Reactor Materials
The general objective of the International Cooperative Group on Environmentally-Assisted Cracking of Water Reactor Materials (ICG-EAC, N.P.O.) is to coordinate international efforts on the EAC of structural materials in various aqueous reactor service environments. This is needed in order to develop the fundamental understanding and the relevant data base required for disposition/design criteria and safe operation (including life extension).
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Global Energy Show
13 jui 2023 - 15 jui 2023 • Calgary, Chine
As North America’s Leading Energy Event, the Global Energy Show is the largest B2B exhibition and conference engaging with industry buyers and sellers, stakeholders and partners, CEOs and young professionals together to share knowledge and fuel innovation in the ever-changing energy landscape. Hosted on June 13-15, 2023 the Global Energy Show will be inclusive to all energy systems, including features on the exhibition floor and conference in oil sands, hydrogen, wind, solar, petrochemicals, gas and LNG, electrification and nuclear.
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09 dec 2022
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2023 Water Reactor Fuel Performance Meeting
18 jul 2023 - 21 jul 2023 • Xi’an, Chine
American Nuclear Society (ANS) and Chinese Nuclear Society
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