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Chemical biology symposium 2024
13 mai 2024 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
Royal Society of Chemistry
This symposium will showcase the state of the art in chemical biology, bringing together the wider community with leading national and international experts in the field. The event covers cutting edge topics in chemical biology and highlight the wider scope and impact of the field. Additional aims of the event are to stimulate research collaboration, networking and engagement within the chemical biology community, as well as with those in related disciplines.
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Nucleic Acids 2024 — 8th International Conference on Nucleic Acids & CRISPR
29 jul 2024 - 30 jul 2024 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
Sciencezo Planet
A cell’s hereditary material is comprised of nucleic acids, which allows living organisms to pass on the genetic information from one generation to next. The Nucleotides in both DNA and RNA are comprised up of a sugar, a nitrogen base, and a phosphate molecule. Nucleic acids are long chains of nucleotides joined together by phosphodiester bonds. Nucleic acids comprised of: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). DNA and RNA having slight difference in their chemical composition, yet play importantly different biological roles. In the proposed Nucleic Acids 2024, we will bring together various eminent researchers working on molecular biology (Nucleic Acids) to learn and share the latest advancements in the field of cutting-edge applications in biology, functional nucleic acids, basic principles, human health, and its related diseases. It is a broad audience gathering for exploring the advancement in RNA, Genome Dynamics, DNA damage and repair, maintenance and replication, structure and structure-function studies of nucleic acids and protein, innovative techniques at molecular and chemical level, and current aspects of CRISPR etc. which focus on its research and wider applications.
Molecular Biology and Techniques, Genome Dynamics and Mutagenesis, Human Statistical Genetics, Molecular Genetics & Epigenetics, CRISPR Technology, DNA Replication & Recombination, DNA Damage and Repair, RNA Editing and Interference, Recombinant DNA Technology, RNA Processing and Protein Synthesis, Alternate Nucleic Acid Structures, Computational Molecular Biology, Personalized Medicines, Thermodynamics of Nucleic Acid, Sequencing & Microarrays, RNA Processing and Protein Synthesis
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EMBO Workshop in-person meeting — EvoChromo: Evolutionary approaches to research in chromatin
17 sep 2024 - 20 sep 2024 • Oxford, Royaume-Uni
European Molecular Biology Organization – EMBO
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Faraday Discussion — Structural and functional asymmetry of plasma membranes
23 avr 2025 - 25 avr 2025 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
Royal Society of Chemistry
This Discussion meeting aims to provide a strong foundation for future advancements in this fundamental topic in cell biology. To this end the Discussion meeting will explore various facets of membrane asymmetry, bringing together experts from the realms of membrane physical chemistry, membrane biophysics, and membrane physiology. Bridging additionally experiments, simulations and theory will address the relevant time and length scales in plasma membrane mimicking systems and thus define a lively platform for intense scientific interactions.
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