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Gordon Research Conference — Urbanization, Water and Food Security
16 jul 2023 - 21 jul 2023 • Lucca (Barga), Italie
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ICSD 2023 — 11th International Conference on Sustainable Development
06 sep 2023 - 07 sep 2023 • Rome, Italie
European Center of Sustainable Development , CIT University
The 11th ICSD 2023 will be an excellent opportunity to share your ideas and research findings relevant to the Sustainability Science, through the European network of academics.
ICSD Secretariat;     Tél.: [+39 0692958486];     Email.:
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ICOB11 — 11th International Congress on Biodiversity
15 oct 2023 - 19 oct 2023 • Naples, Italie
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
ISCNP31 & ICOB11 is a fantastic opportunity to meet leading scientists from all over the world providing their contribution on various aspects and applications of this long tradition and fascinating area of research of chemistry of natural products and biodiversity science, in the informal and stimulating atmosphere of the venue on the Lungomare of Napoli. Although in existence since time immemorial, natural product chemistry and biology are still dynamic and attractive fields of research with a lot of challenges still to be met, goals to be reached, and developments to be made. The main aim of this conference is to highlight advancements, innovations and future perspectives in these areas of research and to create a fruitful environment that promotes international collaborations and cross-fertilization of ideas. Experts and young scientists will have the opportunity to present their research, while industrial representatives will present the latest applications of natural products.
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E2DT 2023 — International Conference On Energy, Environment & Digital Transition
22 oct 2023 - 25 oct 2023 • Palermo, Italie
Promoted by AIDIC, The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering
The conference aims to bringing together researchers, engineers, executives, representatives of the institutions to map the transition towards net zero carbon and fully renewable energy, driven by the recognition that global CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced to keep global warming below the 1.5 °C target. The objective is to provide up-to-date evidence on positive and negative environmental effects of the energy transition and on new technologies to drive/accelerate it. The energy and environmental evolution will be enabled by policy frameworks and market instruments, accelerated by digitalization. Digital technologies will in fact make energy systems more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable. Conversely, digitalization is also changing markets, businesses and employment: new models are emerging, and conventional ones are phasing out.
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37th ISE Topical Meeting — Electrochemical Energy for a Greener and more Sustainable Future Society
09 jui 2024 - 12 jui 2024 • Stresa, Italie
International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)
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