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Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2022 — Global Energy Transition 2022
14 jui 2022 - 15 jui 2022 • New York, États-Unis
Reuters Events
Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2022 (14 - 15 June, New York) unites CEOs and change makers from across the energy, industrial, and government ecosystems to shed light on the defining issue of our time, and help companies meet a uniquely difficult challenge. Run over two days and five critical themes, we will define the future of energy, inspire a decade of action and prepare the sector for challenges still to come, with diverse voices from around the world bringing passion and expertise to deliver a new path forward.
Energy Transition, Net Zero, Society, Governance, People, Markets, Finance, Investment, Clean Technology, Electrification
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Gordon Research Conference — Microbiology of the Built Environment
19 jui 2022 - 24 jui 2022 • Waterville Valley, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Seminar — Climate Engineering
25 jui 2022 - 26 jui 2022 • Newry, États-Unis
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Toward Gigatonnes CO2 Storage — Grand Geophysical Challenge
26 jui 2022 - 30 jui 2022 • Stanford, CA and Virtual, États-Unis
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)
The workshop aims to advance the state-of-the-art geophysical technologies and their applications in identifying geological storage sites and monitoring safe long-term subsurface storage without creating new environmental and geological hazards.
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03 avr 2022
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Gordon Research Conference — Climate Engineering
26 jui 2022 - 01 jul 2022 • Newry, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Seminar — Unifying Ecology Across Scales
30 jul 2022 - 31 jul 2022 • Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, États-Unis
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Gordon Research Conference — Unifying Ecology Across Scales
31 jul 2022 - 05 aou 2022 • Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, États-Unis
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Technology Training — Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements
25 oct 2022 - 27 oct 2022 • Orlando, FL, États-Unis
Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) - AIST Environmental Technology Committee
This two-day program provides a detailed review of one of the most important raw materials used in the steel industry – water. Water is an essential element for every steel manufacturing process and utility operation. This program will review water chemistry fundamentals and application demands with a focus on cooling water. Cooling tower system design, operation and maintenance will be featured, as well as microbiological fouling and control methods in cooling water loops. In addition, cooling tower and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems permitting flexibility will be discussed. The seminar will also focus on physical treatment methods such as reverse osmosis, oil removal, and a recent innovation on macrofouling and zebra mussel treatment. A specific focus on water conservation and reuse (with case studies) will be presented along with a fresh look at the feasibility of zero liquid discharge treatment concepts. Sessions will include a combination of technical presentations with case studies to provide real examples.
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IAEA International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century
26 oct 2022 - 28 oct 2022 • Washington, DC, États-Unis
The conference is organized in partnership with the International Energy Agency and in cooperation with the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. It is hosted by the Government of the United States of America through the Department of Energy.
The conference will provide a forum for ministers, policymakers, senior officials and experts to engage in high-level dialogue on the role of nuclear energy in the transition to clean energy sources, and its contribution to sustainable development and climate change mitigation. Participants will discuss and exchange views on the key issues related to the development and deployment of nuclear energy, including the reliability and flexibility of the nuclear industry during the COVID-19 global crisis and its contribution to economic recovery efforts amid the ongoing global pandemic.
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ETNA — Reuters Events: Energy Transition North America 2022
09 nov 2022 - 10 nov 2022 • Houston, États-Unis
Reuters Events
Reuters Events: Energy Transition North America (09 – 10 November, Houston) unites the continent’s leading energy, industrial and government executives to turn global rhetoric into meaningful business action and deliver a net zero North America. The age of transition is upon us. The era of action has arrived.
Energy Transition, Net Zero, Sustainable Energy, Renewable, Energy, Clean Energy, Decarbonization, Carbon
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AGU Chapman Conference — Climate and Health for Africa
22 mai 2023 - 25 mai 2023 • Washington, DC, États-Unis
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
This conference aims to bring together climate scientists, health scientists and professionals, policy makers, and program managers, to address the current status and future potential of climate-informed forecasts for health. Participants will discuss the extent to which the climate and health community can work together to take advantage of advances in weather and climate forecasting to enable health early warning.
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