Export of collected data to work offline

  • Exports to Excel or CSV
    All the data collected through forms can be exported to Excel (profiles, abstracts, reviews, payments, surveys etc.). You can either export all records or use a filter to select a subset.
  • Download files uploaded by the users
    Files and documents uploaded by the users can be downloaded individually or in bulk. When downloaded in bulk, a filter can be used to select a subset of the files to download.

Export of the abstracts

  • Individually
    The abstracts collected by means of the online submission form (sometimes called short abstracts) can be styled, formatted and exported as individual files, in PDF or Word format.
  • As a book of abstracts
    The abstracts can be styled, formatted and exported in one single file, in HTML or Word format, suitable for the production of a book of abstracts or proceedings. Functions are provided to order the abstracts. An index of authors can be added to the Word export.
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Last updated: 19 May 2024