COMS provides a comprehensive email module to manage correspondence with all users of the site.

General features

  • Email templates
    COMS provides predefined email templates for common tasks: automatic email after account creation, email to invite reviewers to start their review assignments, reminders etc.
  • Prefilled email contents
    Commonly used emails are prefilled in English, German and French. They can be edited.
  • Placeholders
    The emails can be personalised by means of placeholders (e.g. to address a person, to list their submissions and their status, to give details of a speaker's presentation details, to sign the email. Placeholders can be created for almost all the data collected on the site.
  • Preview
    Before sending the emails, you can check the list of recipients and view the contents of all emails, to check the formatting and make sure placeholders are properly substituted.
  • Email alerts
    Administrators can set up email alerts to be notified of certain activities.
  • Email formats
    By default, the emails are sent as text, but is is possible to use HTML.

Automatic emails

  • Predefined templates
    The email module contains a number of predefined email templates that can be sent automatically in response to users' actions (e.g. after abstract submission or withdrawal, when an invoice is created, when a survey is submitted etc.
  • Email activation
    Administrators can activate or deactivate the use of any of the automatic emails.
  • Editing the contents
    The content of the emails can be edited and personalised.
  • Audit emails
    Optionally, administrators can receive copies of all automatic emails, allowing them to monitor activity on the site.

Bulk emails

  • Predefined templates
    Predefined, prefilled emails are provided for most of the tasks that require contacting a group of participants in relation with specific tasks (e.g. email to authors of accepted / declined submissions, emails to invited speakers, emails to delegates whose payment is due).
  • Targeting any group of users
    A freely editable template that allows targeting of any subgroup of users is also provided.

Email logs

  • Administrators
    Administrators can view all the emails (automatic or sent in bulk), along with their recipients. Their status (queuing, sent) is also shown.
  • Participants
    Participants can view all the emails sent to them, on a dedicated page.
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Last updated: 25 June 2024