Features of COMS

Key Features
  • Works entirely online on our servers
  • Supports the entire academic event life cycle
  • Suitable for large events
  • Multilingual
  • Role based access control
  • Powerful data export and import
  • Tested on all major browsers
  • Reliable and secure system
Participants management
  • Collect personal data by creating custom forms (e,g. surveys, résumés, proposals)
  • Collect documents by allowing users to upload files
  • View, annotate, export the data
  • Send automatic and bulk emails
  • Issue personalised documents (e.g. invitation letters or certificates of participation) and let users download them
Registration & payments
  • Flexible and powerful registration process
  • Returning participants can login without creating a new account
  • Invoicing and multiple payment options
  • Full progress tracking
  • Bookkeeping, accounting, handles VAT
  • Freely configurable forms, document upload (e.g. proof of payment, student card)
  • Time dependent pricing, discounts for certain groups
  • Powerful email messaging (reminders, confirmations, etc.)
Abstract submission
  • Customize submission forms and the collection of metadata
  • Supports two-stage submission process
  • File uploads (extended abstract, camera-ready version)
  • Allow entering of keywords, topics, preferred session
  • Online editing of abstracts, supports images
  • Powerful export functions
  • Handling of deadlines, size limitations, format restrictions
Review process
  • Bulk upload of reviewers' data to create their COMS accounts
  • Bidding process and automatic or manual assignment of papers
  • Open or blind peer review process
  • Facilitates off-line work through the export of assigned abstracts
  • Flexible textual and numerical appraisal system
  • Customizable review criteria
  • Provide feedback for authors
  • Progress tracking, statistical evaluation
Paper selection
  • Computer aided selection process, using numeric appraisals
  • Correlate with author's event registration and payment status
  • Special procedure for invited speakers
  • Historgrams of statistical distributions (by gender, by country etc.)
  • Assign papers to topics, sessions, tracks - monitor distribution
  • Determine if presentation will be plenary, oral, poster, etc.
  • Request updated or extended abstracts of accepted papers
Agenda management
  • Creation of the detailed agenda, as well as an overview, based on accepted presentations, assigned topics and resources
  • Manage resources (rooms, time slots)
  • Detect and resolve scheduling conflicts
  • Tabular overview of the agenda
  • Detailed list of presentations with locations and timing
  • Create a self contained package - agenda + papers + search function.
    To be distributed on USB sticks or CD-ROMs.
    Can also be hosted on COMS or any other website.
Book of abstracts
  • Export pre-formatted text that facilitates the creation of the book of abstracts
  • Many options for formatting, styling and sorting of the abstracts
  • Author index, paper index
  • Ready for import into MS-Word or InDesign, etc.
Email messaging
  • Flexible, template-based system
  • Automatic notifications
  • Bulk communication with selected groups
  • Logging of outgoing messages
  • Users see a repository of received messages
Additional features
  • Mobile app: Interactive agenda giving access to abstracts and full papers
  • Self contained mini website suitable to be distributed on USB keys or CD-ROMs
  • Create additional forms (workshop attendance, proposals, document upload, hotel reservations, etc.)
  • Collect feedback after the event is over
  • Restrict access to invited participants
  • Organizers can easily change any text on the system
  • Facilitates the implementation of additional languages

Last updated: 01 June 2020