Price List: Conference Software (COMS)

Our price list is based on two main modules that can be ordered independently of each other, or together, as well as additional modules.

Costs are calculated on a per-conference basis, i.e. there is only a single one-time up-front fee. Discounts are offered to organisers of multiple conferences.

Included in the price are:

  • Usage of the installation from the time of the order and as long as needed after the event has finished (up to 1 year).
  • Support by email or phone.
  • Hourly backups.
  • Free placement of a banner ad for your event on our event calendar (optional).

V.A.T. might need to be added, where applicable.

Main modules

Abstracts, extended abstracts, full papers, presentations, revues, agenda, proceedings
This module includes:
  • A configuration module to set up the required forms and workflow.
  • Functions to handle the collection of abstracts, as well as file uploads (extended abstracts, full papers, speakers' presentations).
  • Functions to handle the review process.
  • Functions to handle the selection process.
  • Functions to to edit and correct submissions.
  • Creation of the conference programme.
  • Creation of the conference proceedings.
  • An email module to handle communications with the submitters, reviewers and editors.
  • An export module.
  • Functions to control users' access and permissions.
  • Functions to edit texts displayed on the site.
ModuleNumber of submissionsPrice
A-1001 - 100475 EUR
A-250101 - 250650 EUR
A-400251 - 400785 EUR
A-600401 - 600970 EUR
A-800601 - 8001,100 EUR
A-1000801 - 10001,250 EUR
A-12001001 - 12001,370 EUR
A-15001201 - 15001,525 EUR
Registrations & payments
Registration, online and offline payments, invoicing, bookkeeping
This module includes:
  • A configuration module to set up the payment or registration forms, quotas, discounts, as well as invoices and receipts.
  • A function to connect your bank account (see Connecting your bank account to the COMS system)
  • Up to five independent payment forms to handle different products (e.g. conference attendance, hotel reservation, exhibitors' fees).
  • Functions to view and edit users' records.
  • An email module to handle communications with the delegates, send invoices and receipts.
  • Functions to filter and export the data (payments, orders, invoices, scans of student cards).
  • Functions to control users' access and permissions.
  • Functions to edit texts displayed on the site.
  • Functions to collect and manage documents useful to the registration process (e.g. scans of student cards).
The pricing includes online payments with one of the payment solutions for which COMS can provide a ready made interface (payment solutions options 1 to 4). If your selected payment solution is not included in our list, we can create an interface for it, for an additional fee (payment solutions option 5).
ModuleNumber of accountsPrice
P-1001 - 100500 EUR
P-250101 - 250590 EUR
P-400251 - 400650 EUR
P-600401 - 600750 EUR
P-800601 - 800822 EUR
P-1000801 - 1000895 EUR
P-12001001 - 1200970 EUR
P-15001201 - 15001,040 EUR

Additional modules

Interactive agenda
Requires the submissions module
ModuleNumber of submissionsPrice
AG-1001 - 100550 EUR
AG-250101 - 250620 EUR
AG-400251 - 400680 EUR
AG-600401 - 600775 EUR
AG-800601 - 800850 EUR
AG-1000801 - 1000920 EUR
AG-12001001 - 1200980 EUR
AG-15001201 - 15001,050 EUR
Mobile app
Agenda, abstracts, chat, custom content, push notifications. Requires the submissions module. Check the demo.
Accounts are created ahead of the event for all participants and kept in sync as the list evolves. The programme and the abstracts are automatically updated on the app when they are modified. Attendees can interact with each other, participate in discussions and and receive updates.
Module Price
M Please get in touch for a quote.

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Recurrent events
We can copy the setup and users from one edition of your event to the next, while providing you with the lastest edition of the software.
Module Name Description Price
RS Submissions setup
Copy the configuration, texts and stylings relating to the submissions.
45 EUR
RP Payments setup
Copy the configuration, texts and stylings relating to the payments.
45 EUR
RU Users
Transfer users. Returning users will not have to recreate their profile.
65 EUR
Module Name Description Price
ALAdditional languageUse of the translation module for a language other than English, German or French. 70 EUR
Free modules
Included with any order
Hourly backupsAutomated hourly backups are included with any order. 0 EUR
LanguagesUse of English, German or French, alone or together. Users' preferred language is remembered by the system. Aministrators can edit texts in all the languages used. 0 EUR
On site registrationScan a QR code or register users manually. 0 EUR
Custom forms and file uploads
You can set up forms and upload buttons to collect data from the users.
Website content
Add pages with texts, links and pictures to your COMS site. The pages can be either public or private.
Admin tool for multiple events
Get an overview of the events and a quick access to all the sites.


Discounts for multiple events / PCOs
If you organise multiple events every year, we offer discounts, as well as templates for events that share a common setup. Please get in touch for details.
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Last updated: 15 July 2024